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Impartiality of MSA Elections Officials Questioned

13. March 2005 • Rob Goodspeed
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From: blhanson at
To: msa.reps at
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 21:15:43 -0500
Subject: Fair election?

Dear Fellow Students,

I’m writing in response to a troublesome message I received on my facebook concerning the upcoming election. Every democratic society is built on the ideal of one man and one vote. In this system, every citizen, regardless of status or privilege, can exercise their right to vote with the assurance that their vote will count. I am sad to say that I don’t believe the student body can vote with that promise that every vote will count. Every free election must be based on fairness and free competition. However, without these basic components an election will become a mere public spectacle fit for a second rate dictatorship.

Each MSA election is monitored by an election board whose simple duty is to make sure that all parties whether they are DAAP, MAIZE RAGE, or Students 4 Michigan plays by the rules. How can we expect this to be accomplished when it is clearly and inherently biased towards one candidate. Let’s take a step back and assess some of the shady relationships between Jesse Levine and election
board members.

Before we can look at the board, we have to examine the man that selected them—Russ Garber. How could MSA allow him to select these members? It’s public knowledge that he endorsed Levine. And why shouldn’t he? They are fraternity brothers at Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) This obvious conflict of interest is confirmed by the choice he submitted to the assembly for election directory—Brian Doughty.

This election fraud is continued with the appointment of Brian Doughty as election director. Its well known that Brian was a MSA rep for the Students First Party, the same party Levine was in… and is doesn’t stop there. Brian was in a contentious election for his engineering seat in 2003. Guess who was for his chair for his re-election efforts? You got…Jesse Levine. How can we expect Brian to seriously handle any complaints or grievances against Levine if Levine was instrumental in keeping him on the assembly.

Another suspicious appointment is the selection of MSA President, Jason Mironov. Jesse and Jason are known personal friends. They are also classmates in University Course 375. Their friendship is long and solid. Mironov helped Levine in his 2002-03 election to MSA. Levine ran with Jason on his Students First slate, when Mironov ran for President. To reward Levine for his efforts, Mironov appointed him as Student General Counsel. And we are expected to believe that Jason will fairly monitor this election with his friend as one of the presidential candidate. This notion is both naive and goes against all common sense.

But Levine can prove that all the aforementioned is false by proving that he is worthy of our trust and support. In order to earn our votes, he should call on both Brian and Jason and others on the board with similar conflicts of interests to resign. New and impartial members should be appointed to give us the assurance that this election will be ran with complete fairness and free
competition to all parties. Now, the burden is on Jesse Levine to prove that he is has the character to be our PRESIDENT. Failure to this will only confirm the suspicion this election is rigged to be a glorified coronation!

Benjamin Hanson
Junior, University of Michigan

  1. I don’t respect Mironov at all, but I don’t doubt for a second that he would shitcan Levine if he found out about Levine cheating.

    Levine/S4M will cheat. As will Maize Rage people. Happens within every party during every election.

    If it comes to Mironov’s attention, and it’s significant enough to potentially kick Levine out, Mironov will do it.
       —T.J.    Mar. 22 '05 - 08:44AM    #