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MSA Votes No to Divestment

16. March 2005 • Ari Paul
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In case you have not heard, the Michigan Student Assembly voted against divesting from Israel.

  1. All the human rights arguments are on the side of Palestine, whose people are occupied and enslaved.

    That’s why divestment is inevitable.

    The slave states used to brag about how “democratic” they were.

    That’s no excuse for slavery.

    Britain used to brag about its “democratic” Parliament.

    That was no excuse for Britain to steal India, and to shoot down demonstrators in Amritsar.


    There is never an excuse to fund Israel’s violent occupation of a whole ethnic group, on Palestinian land.

    So Michigan, and finally the U.S., will stop funding that occupation.

    That’s why the National Lawyers Guild passed a divestment resolution recently.

    That’s why campus student and faculty governments, in several states, have voted for divestment.
       —Blaine    Mar. 16 '05 - 08:34PM    #
  2. Whatever you need to tell yourself, Blaine…
       —Brad    Mar. 16 '05 - 09:12PM    #
  3. oh blaine…put a lid on it already. comfort yourself in knowing that the national lawyers guild divested from israel. but also realize that you are living in the pariah that is ann arbor when it comes to getting both sides of an argument. you singlehandedly find fault on the israeli side, when decade after decade, opportunity after opportunity, israel has extended her hand for peace, only to have it burned by the PA. wake up already man.
       —brooklyn    Mar. 16 '05 - 09:47PM    #
  4. Blaine – i hate to bicker with you – but since you’re wrong… the NLG did vote to divest. but wait – it has no endowment to speak of – its a purely volunterr organizatino that survies barely year to year. i am sure that israel is now shaking in her boots.

    as for universities to divest – blaine – as a lawyer i am sure you understand that a state governmetn cna’t interfere in teh provence of the federal government. I would not hold your breath waiting for state universities to divest….you’ll die from lack of oxygen.
       —David LIvshiz    Mar. 16 '05 - 10:53PM    #
  5. ...or by being choked to death by an unfortunate sandwich board incident.
       —Brad    Mar. 16 '05 - 10:54PM    #
  6. Blaine- Wait, every dime spent in Israel funds the occupation? Even if that money goes to Palestineans working in Israel? Just curious about this blanket indictment… Seems a little, well, simplistic to me…
    (And hey, I’m generally for divestment. I just don’t think that idiots or emotional appeals are convincing…)
       —js    Mar. 17 '05 - 12:01AM    #
  7. “That was no excuse for Britain to steal India, and to shoot down demonstrators in Amritsar.” -blaine

    actually, there was an excuse for the british stealing india:

    ”-’We claim India in the name of Britian.’
    -’You can’t claim us, we live here.’
    -’Do you have a flag?’
    -’We don’t have a flag. This is our country, Five hundred million of us.’
    -’No flag no country.’”

    -Eddie Izzard, ‘Dressed to Kill’

    sorry, i couldn’t resist…

    this is all true,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Mar. 17 '05 - 12:09AM    #
  8. Blaine, you’ll be happy to know you were specifically mentioned as a bigot at the meeting. MSA President Jason Mironov closed his argument by showing what is clearly a bigoted and offensive remark:

    ”’Zionism is Nazism’

    -Blaine, Anti-Israel activist”

    Congratulations! You know you’re a bad seed when even SAFE tells you not to show up.
       —Jared Goldberg    Mar. 17 '05 - 05:05AM    #
  9. Blaine,

    I will let the others point out why you are wrong. They can say it better than I ever would.

    I will just call you an idiot.

    You are an idiot.
       —T.J.    Mar. 22 '05 - 08:47AM    #