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Ecology Center Presents: "Clean Environment and Good Jobs"

18. March 2005 • MarkDilley
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“I’d like to invite you to the annual membership meeting of the Ecology Center, with keynote speaker Bracken Hendricks of the Apollo Alliance, will take place on Sunday, April 3, 2005, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, 1800 Dixboro Road, in Ann Arbor.

The Apollo Alliance is a broad national coalition of labor, environmental, business, urban, and faith communities in support of good jobs and energy independence. Their New Apollo Project is a ten-point plan for diversifying our energy sources, making America less dependent on imported oil and making energy less polluting. The organization has been featured repeatedly in the national press.

The Ecology Center annual meeting also includes program reports, environmental awards, election of the Center’s Board of Directors, and presentation of the annual Herbert L. Munzel Award for Environmental Activism. The meeting is open to the general public, and admission is free.”

via the Ecology Center