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Campus Neighbors seeking student feedback

24. March 2005 • Murph
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MSA’s Rese Fox says that the Campus Neighbors Taskforce is looking for stakeholder feedback in order to prioritize their efforts, and asks that students respond to a survey so that they can be properly represented as a stakeholder group.

The survey asks for degree of support or opposition and for degree of importance on items like,

>“Encourage MSA to publish list of Clean Community violators (including tenant names)”
>“Allow/ require owner inspections, with follow-up from city inspectors of alleged violations”
>“Facilitate tenant inspections by providing additional information about how to request city inspection”
> “Encourage city or UM to provide modestly priced overnight vehicle storage spaces”
> “Expand UM/ AATA routes and hours to better service student destinations”
> “Prohibit landlords from requiring lease deposit more than six months before a move-in date”

Students are encouraged to take the survey, either by cutting-and-pasting from Fox’s blog or by downloading the Word doc I’ve mirrored, and e-mail their completed survey to Prof. Elisabeth Gerber (e-mail address in the survey).