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Jurassic Park IV - not a movie

25. March 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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Looks like John Hammond and InGen may get their way after all:
> YahooNews: Scientists Find Soft Tissue in T-Rex Bone

Thanks to slashdot for the tip.

  1. Wait, they actually made a Jurassic Park III?
       —Brandon    Mar. 25 '05 - 05:35AM    #
  2. With William H. Macy and Laura Dern. I saw it on a plane. One of the worst movies ever.
       —js    Mar. 25 '05 - 01:48PM    #
  3. I’ve so far managed to escape the “plane movie” horrors. The one time we were shown a movie (I don’t fly very much—the last time I tried, the Christmas flight to Baton Rouge was canceled for the big Detroit Metro snow-in), it was “K-Pax.” Not interested (and probably rightly so). “J-Park 3” sounds like a no-brainer (in sooo many ways).
       —Lazaro    Mar. 25 '05 - 03:56PM    #