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Bike Lockers Now Available Downtown

17. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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The large grey metal boxes which have appeared under the Maynard Parking structure, near the Public Library on fourth, and a variety of other locations are not concealing any mysterious new utilites, but instead are locking bike lockers installed as part of the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce’s “Get Downtown” transportation program which seeks to, well, get more people downtown. Here’s more information from the “Get Downtown” website:

“Bike Lockers

Bike Lockers can be rented for $60 year plus a refundable key deposit of $25. To rent a bike locker, please call Erica Briggs, getDowntown Program Director, at 734.214.0100.

Bike Lockers are available at the following locations:

* Ann Arbor City Hall * Maynard Street (across from parking structure) * 4th and Washington Parking Structure (Washington Street entrance) * 4th and William Parking Structure (4th Street entrance) * Ann Arbor Public Library Lot (5th Street) * William and Ashley Parking Lot (behind Zydecos) * Coming Soon: Ann and Ashley Parking Structure * Coming Soon: Forest Avenue Parking Structure”

  1. I have a rudimentary “bike locker” that I have managed to procure for less than $20. It’s this U-bolt shaped thing that I then attach by means of a key to another U-shaped piece of metal that is set in the concrete.
    (I’m all for more people downtown, but bike lockers seems pretty stupid).
       —js    Jun. 18 '04 - 05:24PM    #