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The bill now goes to the Republican-controlled Senate

1. April 2005 • MarkDilley
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“The Michigan state House has passed a bill that allows healthcare workers to refuse to treat patients on moral, ethical, or religious grounds. In other words, doctors could not be held liable for refusing to treat gay patients.”

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  1. This bill was passed by the MI House in April 2004- it’s not a new thing at all. I have done a reasonably extensive web search, and I cannot find any evidence that it was actually approved and passed into law by the MI Senate. Further, based on the text of the bill that I read, I think the article cited from ProudParenting (on the web page that you link to) misrepresents the bill, which refers only to SERVICE categories, not to PATIENT categories. The basic goal, as far as I can tell, is to “protect” health care workers’ “rights” to not provide abortions or contraception.

    Don’t get me wrong- it’s a shitty bill as it stands, and I’m sure that if they could, they’d try and make it legal for bigoted pseudo-Christian health care workers to discriminate against GLBT patients. However, I don’t think that’s what’s happening here, and I don’t think that scare-mongering and hyping it for worse than it is serves anyone- the unvarnished truth is bad enough. If you want to find out more about the bill (5006 in the House, 972 in the Senate), contact the Health Policy Committee- Senators Hammerstrom, Patterson, George, Bernero, and Jacobs, phone number 517-373-3543.
       —Joy    Apr. 1 '05 - 01:18PM    #
  2. Thanks Joy,

    I dug around as well and you are correct, this is old news running as news.

    running as new news at dKos also
       —Mark    Apr. 1 '05 - 05:17PM    #
  3. Shit—this has been a target issue for Planned Parenthood for a while. I remember we handed out information on the bill at ArtFair and OutFest last year. Here’s hoping someone at least slows it down somehow in the Senate or that it gets picked apart in the courts (I think everyone’s pretty much putting their money on the latter).
       —Lazaro    Apr. 2 '05 - 04:27PM    #
  4. The issue is picking up steam everywhere. Today’s NY Times had an editorial on the subject.
       —Joy    Apr. 3 '05 - 05:48PM    #