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Work-study Program to be Suspended this Summer

1. April 2005 • Ari Paul
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Citing a lack of funding, the Office of Financial Aid announced that U-M will suspend its work-study program for this Spring and Summer terms.

The Michigan Daily reports:

Julia Mehney, an LSA junior who receives work-study assistance, said she believes the cuts will cause many students to look for jobs off campus.

As an alternative, Fowler suggested that there were “thousands� of non-work-study jobs within the University, although a visit to the student employment website showed only about 300 current listings.

However, Latoya Battle, an RC senior, said her work-study job paid very well. “Since I came off the program, I’ve been working two jobs.�

Slight fluctuations from year to year may have drastic effects on the meager few percent that are reserved for spring and summer funds, as has happened this year.

“Work-study usage has been stable for the past 15 years,� Fowler said. “Is this just an anomaly or is this the beginning of a trend? We just don’t know.�

  1. Considering that my rent last summer was paid almost exclusively through work study, this is pretty scary.

    I’m curious though; what about students who need the financial aid? Do they just get more loans? In which case what a shaft.

    Loans need to be repaid with INTEREST, whereas work study is earned. They’re really screwing students over with this one.
       —Jared Goldberg    Apr. 3 '05 - 09:36PM    #