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17. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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AAPD Chief Oates is still in hot water for using police lights to get to the airport for a flight, the University is set to approve a scaled-back North Campus Arthur Miller theater, Fahrenheit 911 may open at midnight the evening of June 24 at Michigan Theater, an Ebay consignment shop might open its doors in downtown Ann Arbor, and last but not least, the Ann Arbor news is buying into the lies spun by city “leaders” about how flamable couches are and suggests the house fire on Oakland might have started “near one of the couches” on the porch.

  1. Rob, it sure is good to have you back (at least for now).
       —Brandon    Jun. 17 '04 - 09:39PM    #
  2. Good post!
       —js    Jun. 18 '04 - 10:08AM    #
  3. Its unfortunate that the U is banishing all the arts-related programs to North Campus. It seems like a better fit for engineers.
       —sergei    Jun. 18 '04 - 11:14AM    #
  4. I’m not convinced, however, that the fire marshal is going to lie about where a fire would begin. That just seems too conspiratorial.
       —Brandon    Jun. 18 '04 - 04:49PM    #