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Farmer Jack may close some local stores

5. April 2005 • Murph
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The Detroit News reports that up to 30 local Farmer Jack and Food Basics stores may be closed and sold, in order to mitigate financial losses by their parent company.

Local real estate and grocery industry experts said about 30 stores, including all 10 Food Basics in Michigan, are the most likely targets for sale.

Farmer Jack locations in rural areas such as Clio, Imlay City and Chelsea, as well as the city of Detroit, probably are on the block as well, they said.
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Buyers could include independent grocery store chains such as VGs, Busch’s or Spartan Stores Inc. Office-supply stores and other retailers also could take on those leases, real estate experts said.

Wal-Mart and Whole Foods are credited for part of Farmer Jack’s troubles, chipping away market share from either side and economically stratifying the market. Wonderful to think that FJ’s five-year-old monument to sprawl in Chelsea could close and sit empty, though it’s probably one of the better prospects for buy-out by Busch’s.