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5. April 2005 • Murph
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Six Wayne County websites are featured in the Detroit News’ Web gives residents a voice in government, with links in the article that I’m not going to cut and paste all of.

Notably, our neighbor to the east is represented by The Canton Voice, a two-week old news/discussion site that already has 50 registered users for the forum, and 11 comments in a thread, “Canton Wish List >> Public Transportation”. (One response, “So, if you desire public transportation – move to Ann Arbor where they have a pretty good system”.)

Another thread, started by Township Trustee and site co-creator Todd Caccamo, begins,

I’d like to get some input regarding this subject…I am talking to folks of successful surrounding communities and trying to learn their SOP.

GreenBelt project / Ann Arbor at one time put aerial pics of Canton up on their website saying “Do you want to look like this?” Referring to our urban sprawl and rapid growth.

Update: Fixed link to the Canton Voice

  1. There’s some decent discussion on the Canton thread (if leaning towards the rant). Change in the air?
       —Dale    Apr. 5 '05 - 02:59PM    #