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CSJ means to delay PIRGIM vote until Fall

7. April 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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In an e-mail sent early this morning, newly elected CSJ Chief Justice Tim Harrington announced the judical body’s intention to delay hearing appeals on the case until Fall semester 2005.

A coalition of MSA members and student leaders have been working to compel CSJ to take up the case before break, and get this mess dealt with immediately. You can find more information on this, and the overall appeal efforts at

  1. Heh. Pierce is a good friend of mine from back in the day/dorm. I haven’t talked to him about the PIRGIM case, but I’m betting he’s glad to not be Chief Justice anymore. :)
       —Murph    Apr. 7 '05 - 08:19PM    #
  2. If they won’t do what you want, then purge ‘em!
       —T.J.    Apr. 8 '05 - 05:53PM    #