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Safe Sex Fair, Tuesday

11. April 2005 • Ari Paul
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Lock up your daughters:

Uof M’s 1st Annual

Tuesday, April 12
11-4 pm in the Diag

FREE food, FREE condoms, FREE lube, FREE sex catalogs and MUCH MORE! (Pick up your Safe Sex Fair T-shirt (only $9 – all proceeds go to


Join in the SAFE SEX OLYMPICS, taste test some FLAVORED CONDOMS, play SEX JEOPARDY, learn how to put a condom on WITH YOUR MOUTH, visit the SEX LIBRARIANS and make sure you walk through the SIX FOOT LONG VAGINA!

Get your EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION prescription 11-1:30pm, stop by the KISSING BOOTH, add your opinion to the SEX SURVEYS, and learn some SENSUAL MASSAGE!

  1. This is pretty disgusting, actually.
       —David Boyle    Apr. 12 '05 - 02:54AM    #
  2. Agreed. This is nothing short of a celebration of the Culture of Death. What a contrast to the remarkable tribute to Pope John Paul II on that very same DIAG just a few days ago.
       —Andrew Shirvell    Apr. 12 '05 - 05:01AM    #
  3. Mmm, flavored condoms.

    I dunno about a Culture of Death, but I do know that doesn’t sound too appetizing.
       —Brandon    Apr. 12 '05 - 05:54AM    #
  4. Can someone please post photos? I’ve never seen a six foot long vagina.
       —M    Apr. 12 '05 - 12:47PM    #
  5. Culture of death?
    I think I need to recalibrate my ironymeter.
       —js    Apr. 12 '05 - 04:08PM    #
  6. culture of the death is what the people who voted for a man known for executing hundreds of prisoners who were either innocent or improperly tried and invades a country and massacres its people under false pretenses calls a group who passes around condoms…

    get it,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Apr. 12 '05 - 04:37PM    #
  7. This kind of makes me disgusted…

    WTF is this world coming to? And I’ll be willing to bet that these same people sponsoring this “exhibit” also decry viewing women solely as sex objects…

    = hypocrites
       —Brad    Apr. 12 '05 - 04:47PM    #
  8. would like to know when the next one is and most important WHERE?
       —mel    May. 4 '05 - 02:26AM    #
  9. i love condoms it saves my but from infection
       —jonn proper    May. 9 '05 - 04:45PM    #
  10. I’m a single white male that is in love with transexuals. I need to feel them inside me.I love chicks with dicks.
       —ashely periloux    Sep. 14 '05 - 03:04AM    #
  11. Thanks for sharing.
       —Tom Jensen    Sep. 14 '05 - 03:31AM    #