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The CIA On Campus: Expanding the "Academic Homeland Security Complex"

12. April 2005 • MarkDilley
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I know U of M has many ties to the military industrial complex.

Excerpts from a new essay by William Martin titled “Manufacturing the Homeland Security Campus and Cadre” on the “academic homeland security complex” and the increasing role of the Department of Homeland Securty, CIA and Pentagon on college campuses

But does anyone know about this kind of activity?

via Counter Recruiter

  1. Don’t know about Michigan, but I know I heard MSU touting a new homeland security program on their npr station a few months back.
       —Dale    Apr. 12 '05 - 03:20AM    #
  2. It used to be you could get a listing of all the current research projects at U-M from the Division of Research and Development Administration. (DRDA)
       —Ingrid    Apr. 12 '05 - 07:40PM    #
  3. The MSU thing is a “certification” you can get by taking courses online:
       —Scott    Apr. 12 '05 - 08:28PM    #