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Cool Cities project presentation and reception Friday

13. April 2005 • Murph
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This Friday, the Ann Arbor Cool Cities Advisory Task Force is hosting a presentation of the project they plan to submit to the State for grant funding:

I write to invite you to a reception this Friday sponsored by the Ann Arbor Cool Cities Advisory Task force and the State Street Area Association to present the details of the project.

Date: Friday, April 15, 2005
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Michigan Theater
What: Media presentation of “Sound Fall” followed by verbal presentation of the theater’s lobby conversion.

Friday’s reception will allow attendees to preview these unique projects, which are also supported by the State Street Area Association and Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority. Refreshments to be served, good times to be had. We hope you all can attend!

See you at the movies,
Newcombe Clark,
Cool Cities Task Force

The selected project was described in an earlier e-mail as,

The final recommendation of the task force is that the City of Ann Arbor submit a joint proposal that focuses on the changing State Street/Central Campus area. The first part includes the State Street Area Association’s plan to put a public art project on the Maynard Street Parking structure. This dynamic sculpture will combine elements of sound and light and was conceived and design in conjunction with the U of M School of Art. Along with the art piece, the Michigan Theater will also be seeking funding to furnish their recently restored grand lobby and to extend the hours of operation of the theater. The space will be made into a community meeting and resting place where people can sit and relax before and after a show and where they can appreciate the full splendor of this historic, city-owned amenity.

It was selected from 12 proposals submitted to the Task Force as the one that the City would submit to the State (The City of Ann Arbor may only put its name on one submission). The Task Force never followed up on my offer to post all twelve ideas to this site.

  1. I can’t wait to hear your comments after you see the plans for the “Sound Fall” art project on the side of the parking garage over Maynard Street. When it’s finished people can stand a spot near the corner of Liberty and Maynard and make noise and watch sound turn into a light show. The street could be closed off from time to time for street parties. It will be a “Cool Thing for a Cool City”. I hope many of you reader will be able to attend the get together on Friday Afternoon at the Michigan Theater.
       —Bob Dascola    Apr. 14 '05 - 02:49AM    #
  2. This actually sounds like a pretty sweet thing for Maynard, which has few redeeming values other than Cafe Ambrosia and Frank’s. Unless you’re into stark 60s-modernist canyons. Better than Livonia skating rinks, anyway.

    Umm… and it’ll attract the $-generating Creative Class twenty-somethings, too, right?


    To paraphrase a certain Planning PhD student and former Parks Commissioner, Cool Cities is the Atkins Diet of urban planning/economic development.
       —Brandon    Apr. 14 '05 - 03:18AM    #
  3. Yes, of course, Brandon. With Sound Fall in place, Tally Hall can be converted into luxury lofts at $350/sqft. It’ll be just that cool.
       —Murph    Apr. 14 '05 - 03:34AM    #
  4. Having walked by that very spot this morning, the first thought that popped into my mind at the description above is what kind of light show the sound of vomiting makes (the corner of Maynard and Liberty seems particularly, um, susceptible to this sort of activity). The second thought I had is what kind of light show a bagpipe band would make (my husband plays the pipes). I totally agree with the Michigan Theater part of this proposal, but I have my doubts about the light show. I will attend the presentation tomorrow and hope to be wowed.
       —Julie    Apr. 14 '05 - 01:37PM    #
  5. Julie, we have a friend that plays the pipes too, maybe your husband and my friend can get together on Maynard after the lights are in place. I should be at that meeting tomorrow night. Would be a good chance to meet each other. Are you going alone? I know Murph, so if he’s there then maybe he can point you out to me. Always good to meet the people that post on this site. I wear my red State Street Art Fair hat if that will help.
       —Bob Dascola    Apr. 14 '05 - 02:34PM    #
  6. Bob, I’ll be there tomorrow. My husband might be there too, although the 5:00 time is difficult. I’ll look for the red hat and introduce myself.
       —Julie    Apr. 14 '05 - 06:21PM    #
  7. Julie, Great! Looking forward to meeting you and your husband.
       —Bob Dascola    Apr. 15 '05 - 02:49AM    #
  8. I like stark ‘60s modernist canyons. But I also realize that the anti-aesthetic that I dig is probably pretty damn hard to live around.
       —js    Apr. 15 '05 - 02:17PM    #
  9. Do you know if this event is open to the public, or do you need to be part of the Task Force? I’d love to see/hear what they’re talking about.
       —Laura Fisher    Apr. 15 '05 - 03:48PM    #
  10. Laura,

    It’s a public event. The Task Force is presenting to the public the project that they’re going to be submitting to the State for grant funding.
       —Murph    Apr. 15 '05 - 04:04PM    #
  11. Thanks, Murph! I did go, and was very glad I did. I wrote up my thoughts on my own blog, if you’re interested:
       —Laura Fisher    Apr. 16 '05 - 05:48PM    #