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Major Marijuana Bust

15. April 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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The Ann Arbor News reports a major drug bust today, involving 11 arrests, 34 pounds of dank, 5 guns and a lot of money. Police raided 15 buildings, including Bursley, the Zeta Beta Tau house and 13 off-campus homes, according the the News.

> Ann Arbor News: 11 arrested in raids U-M dorm room, frat house, 13 homes searched in marijuana bust

I feel safer already…

[EXTRA: AA News ‘by the numbers’ on bust]

  1. tolerant, liberal ann arbor…

    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Apr. 15 '05 - 05:57AM    #
  2. Did you notice Chief Oates’ comment? “This is about the distribution of dangerous levels of a highly toxic level of marijuana.”

    “Highly toxic”? (No pun intended, I’m sure.) Anyone know what he’s talking about?
       —Steve Bean    Apr. 15 '05 - 01:03PM    #
  3. If they strained Ari’s blood they might be able to get a couple gallons of THC, plus a few stray seeds floating around (haw haw).
       —David Boyle    Apr. 15 '05 - 02:04PM    #
  4. Heh. Luckily, mine comes from out of state. I mean, my …uh… friend buys his “Wizard Smoke” from High Times ads out of state… Heh…
    Oates is a douche!
       —js    Apr. 15 '05 - 02:16PM    #
  5. hey man, i’ve been clean since, since…um, i’ll get back to you that one…

    short term memory…um, somthing,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Apr. 15 '05 - 03:09PM    #
  6. That thing looks like an owl pellet.
       —Brandon    Apr. 15 '05 - 03:59PM    #
  7. To reiterate that whole “toxic levels of THC” thing, it’s important to note that although high concentrations of injected (yes, injected, it’s hard to get a rat to hold a joint) THC induced death, the level in humans is so high it’s either not established or it’s just realistically impossible to attain. (A friend of mine once told me ~24 pounds in ~24 hours, but I question the validity of that)

    Taken with the whole “couches are the number one safety hazard for renters in Ann Arbor spiel” I’m really wondering about misplaced priorities on behalf of the AAPD, AAFD, and the City Council.
       —Jared Goldberg    Apr. 15 '05 - 06:33PM    #
  8. How exactly does either the AAPD or the AANews know that said plant growth is: “high-grade”, “high-grade”, “potent”, “potent”, “high potency”, and “highly toxic” essentially on sight? And what does the latter feel pressed to remind us of that ‘danger’ in every third paragraph?

    Joseph Pulitzer would be very proud…
       —Marc R.    Apr. 15 '05 - 06:48PM    #
  9. This isn’t going to be a popular comment here but that 400 dollar stuff is pretty scary in my book. Back in the old days, you would have to smoke a tree to get that high, and you’d pay dearly the next day with a cough and burned mouth “hangover”.

    With this stuff, you are completely stoned stupid, if you ask me, and can stay that way for weeks at a time.

    Frankly, I think the stuff IS dangerous…maybe not “toxic” but addictive and it can really screw you over psychologically.

    I kinda know this from experience.

    I’m also old enough to remember when coke was “safe”.
       —anon.    Apr. 16 '05 - 01:15AM    #
  10. ^ Are you serious? Stoned for weeks at a time? This is completely false, trust me “I kinda know this from experience” (which you obviously don’t). THC does not stay active in the blood stream for that long. Even if eaten in high dose, one will be high for about ~8 hours max.

    The fact that this stuff is more potent makes it healthier; One can smoke less total plant mass to experience the same effects, leading to less lung irritation (if smoked). In fact, when eaten marijuana poses no health risk. This is one of the safest drugs around (around the same level as caffeine).

    It is ridiculous that our law enforcement wastes their time and OUR money on investigations like this, especially in a town that has repeatedly come out in favor of marijuana reform.
       —Adam    Apr. 16 '05 - 05:03PM    #
  11. I meant stoned for weeks as in, its so easy to get stoned and stay stoned for weeks with no physical kickback like a sore throat… and yes, this is totally coming from experience.

    I’ve smoked my share for decades and its my opinion this new stuff is very scary weed. I don’t like waking up the next morning still not quite down. And a very little goes too long a way. Maybe this stuff is fine for the “pros” but I can easily see some kid losing his life to it..not literally, but for all practical purposes.

    The whole point of weed is it wipes out anxiety..and some anxiety is healthy anxiety… like the anxiety associated with getting to class or hiding your stash.

    I think this stuff makes you too stupid before you even know what hit you. Like I say, maybe some people can handle it, some people can handle coke, but its definitely scary stuff.
    I’m in recovery from this stuff now, talking it through in therapy. I’m getting confirmation there, there are people out there losing their asses to high grade pot.

    Theres been plenty of research on good old fashioned brick pot, and none on the long term effects of “designer” pot. Its worth at least considering.
       —anon.    Apr. 16 '05 - 05:27PM    #
  12. AU in-depth special. we can conduct our own research on such effects. field trip to aapd evidence locker.

    tj can come too. he needs it.
       —matt hollerbach    Apr. 16 '05 - 07:07PM    #
  13. PS—I agree with anon. about high-grade stuff. I’ve heard present-day ‘high-potency’ stuff is anywhere from 5-60 times as strong as the woodstock-era variety.

    I agree with lung health benefits, but it DOES fuck with you in a deeper way than the tame stuff of our parents. It can’t kill you, but it can render you useless if you’re at risk for dependency problems, which means about 20% of the general pop., with folks in their 20’s particularly susceptible.

    Still, it won’t make you dangerous. And I don’t see how pot and guns mix. That’s just excessive.
       —matt hollerbach    Apr. 16 '05 - 07:20PM    #
  14. As someone who smoked pretty damn close to the Woodstock era I can tell you it would have taken half a bag to get as stoned as you can with half a joint of this new stuff.

    I’ve heard there is alot of pressure on the police right now to crack down on this stuff coming from parents groups out in the suburbs where its turning up more and more. There is alarm out there…PTAs are doing meetings on it and stuff…and there is evidence mounting this stuff can really mess with you psychologically bigtime.

    I mean come on. There’s coke and there’s crack and I think any idiot can see the difference.

    So maybe, just maybe, there’s pot and then there’s this stuff and its justifiably concerning people who normally don’t give a crap about pot.
       —anon.    Apr. 16 '05 - 10:12PM    #
  15. Stupid me, I forgot, until now, to append my Daily Kos diary of last night, “Teen steals head from grave to use as bong”, at . It’s about a real-life news story.

    Twenty-seven comments and thirty-nine poll results already on that diary, go and add your own (if you are registered). Or at least have a look at what others say.
       —David Boyle    Apr. 16 '05 - 11:49PM    #
  16. I really could care less about what these kids were selling (it could have been cocaine, meth … whatever). The fact that they had a few weapons I find rather problematic. If these people were creating a situation where they thought weapons were a necessary part of the buisness then they deserve to be shutdown. For the most part I don’t think the AAPD busts anyone unless they are creating a real problem in the community. A bunch of of twenty somethings selling drugs (even if it is just pot, but we are talking a lot of pot) and running around with guns is just asking for trouble. I may not agree with how these kids will be treated now (they probably don’t deserve a felony) but chances are they needed to be shut down.
       —Kat    Apr. 17 '05 - 07:05PM    #
  17. Life as a townie is not what I used to think it was…
    – The 512 packard crack-bust almost 1 year ago to date (weapons found there, too); – AK-47 shots fired in february;
    – Now weapons seized (along with an arguably more potent rendition of a commonly distributed drug).

    Not sure if I’ll be raising my kids here anymore.

    Props to the cops.
       —sad townie    Apr. 17 '05 - 08:28PM    #
  18. ah…I sort of have it on REALLY good authority that the State Police and the Livingston and Washtenaw County Sheriffs department are seriously cracking down on “designer” pot…like they have a task force devoted to it and they are putting simple possession people on the rack..I sort of kind of know this? From the horses’ mouths…the hard way.

    There’s quite a bit of pressure out there right now to work up the chain if its the expensive stuff. And the guns? Well, they just speak to the STREET VALUE.

    Growers are renting houses, destroying them to install the stuff and leaving in the middle of the night. The sophisticated growing operations don’t just have “guns” they have AK47s. This is not making mom and dad too happy.

    Its sort of accepted knowledge that the big “gateways” out here are AA and Ypsi. Its not your momma’s possession stop slap on the fanny anymore.

    Believe me or take your chances.
       —anon.    Apr. 17 '05 - 08:41PM    #
  19. Anon.—You’re scare-mongering. Today’s pot is more potent, yes. But liquor is more potent than beer. Just because you’ve had a problem that you feel has destroyed your life is no reason to try to constrain what everyone else can do with theirs. That’s why prohibition failed, remember?
       —js    Apr. 17 '05 - 09:29PM    #
  20. The guns were hunting rifles and/or shotguns, according to my sources. I doubt anyone was running around with them.
       —Steve Bean    Apr. 17 '05 - 11:11PM    #
  21. JS,

    I’m not scare mongering about the dope itself…I’m sure lots of people, I know lots of people, who seem to be handling it swell.

    I also know some people whose lives are pretty screwed up right now and it sort of coincided with their taking up super pot.

    And it didn’t “destroy my life” ..I didn’t let it get that far! I tend to chose my rock bottom to be way above the water line.

    What I’m scare mongering about is the current climate in local law enforcement…there is a serious CRACK DOWN going on right now on hydroponic pot..I know this because I heard ALL ABOUT IT with my hands on the roof of my car…and then again from the county prosecuter and then AGAIN from my lawyer.

    They are aggressively going after it all the way up the dope chain…this stuff isn’t coming from accross the border or being manufactured in Detroit…its being grown in whitebread America’s neighborhoods and guarded with AK47s. The people who actually have some pull with the police? Are bitching!

    I’m saying if you carry this stuff or deal it be sure to cover your ass…there’s a bull’s eye on it.

    Read the article. It sort of affirms me.
       —anon.    Apr. 17 '05 - 11:17PM    #
  22. Thanks for reminding everyone about the failure of prohibition js.
    Prohobition of marijuana is the problem – not the users, dealers, or growers.

    -concerning potency: people have had access to “more potent” forms of marijuana for ages in the form of hash (~50% THC) and sensimilla (seedless) which was around back in the 1960’s and earlier. It is absurd to smoke mexi-schwag brick weed which may have been sprayed with who-knows-what kind of pesticides when one could be smoking local, organically grown danks! One bowl is all you need (if that) to reach the desired state of being. Here is an article about the subject of potency which is based on and linked to a scientific study done in 1988 when scare-mongerers like Annon were trying to use this very same arguement:

    Annon’s and Hollerbach’s “increased potency” arguement is empty of truth and full of state sponsored lies! Not that I blame either of you – a lot of popular misconceptions about drugs (ie. that weed makes you impotent, is addictive) are the result of concerted propaganda efforts by our very own government.

    -addiction: THC is not addictive physically, or psychologically, in of itself. It produces no withdrawal symptoms! People with addictive personalities, however, can become addicted to it just like any other enjoyable activity such as sex, drugs, rock and roll, the internet, tv, chocolate, ... Hollerbach raises a legitimate point on addictive personalities, but this does not imply that marijuana is the addicting agent when it is the person who is prone to becoming addicted to any number of things.

    -regarding schools: Did you know that it is easier for high schoolers to obtain pot than alcohol? A study done a few years ago came to this conclusion, and my high school experience definately confirm these findings. Prohibition is the problem here! If we legalized the herb, it would be much easier to regulate who has access based on age requirements.

    -regarding guns: First, I would like to remind everyone that the second amendment protects the right to bear arms. However, one can face additional charges if in the possesion of guns and drugs. This is completely ridiculous. The fact that prohibition has created an inevitable and highly lucrative market is no reason to dole out additional punishment to individuals who would otherwise be protected by the constitution. This concern furthers the arguement for legalization – if pot is legalized, there would be no black market. I believe the book Reefer Madness deals with the inevitability of a black market and the necessity of legalization.

    People will always demand marijuana and it will be supplied one way or another. To condone simple usage (as done by A2’s pot laws) is to condone the business as a whole. We need new laws that are based on common sense (legalization), and law enforcement that works to make us safer rather than busting college kids for doing what they always have and always will do.

    Annon. you make me laugh with phrases like “super pot” and “designer pot”. Come on man, high grade shit has been around since back in the day – you problably just didn’t have access to it. Maybe the crap you are hearing in drug treatment is starting to get to you or something. Best of luck. Part of me wants to say that your comments smell of bacon, but maybe that’s going to far. Thanks for the info about the crackdown, but I think you are wrong about where it comes from being solely white bread american neighborhoods, guarded with AK47’s [cough] scare mongering [cough] I thought that we were supporting terrorists, no? I must be out of the loop.

    Oh shit! my little sister just drowned in the pool while I ran over some kids, missed my brothers birthday, shot my best friend, and got pregnant all beause of smoking that joint.
       —Adam    Apr. 18 '05 - 12:17AM    #
  23. Kick ass Adam! Anon does sound like a spineless nobody doing agit-prop community service. Thanks for the advice, you fucking germ! Not that your story isn’t totally adorable; it is. I’ve never wanted an AK so much in my life! Bravo to those “super pot” growers, and may they fare well in the bullshit judicial system, and fuck the drug war. Of course they need guns when they’re forced into the black market. But then again, we all do. The state should not have a monopoly on force, hence the need for one serious rifle and one pistol for every freedom-loving person.
       —whoever    Apr. 18 '05 - 05:43AM    #
  24. Yup. I didn’t have access to “high potency” pot until recently, and neither did a lot of exhurb high school kids..maybe that’s why I don’t know the proper terminology.

    Somehow all you freedom lovers got the idea I’m against legalization. I’m all for legalization as it could have saved me four days of my life and a couple grand and getting the shit scared out of me.

    Maybe I am not being plain enough for you and in your paranoia you are smelling bacon where there isn’t any…or maybe you are smelling the very real bacon that’s been shoved up my ass against my will. I’m trying to turn a couple vowels for you so it doesn’t happen to you..but now I’m tempted to wish it on you.

    I was offered a bargain based on turning over my dealer. I didn’t (well, not a REAL one they’d ever find) and got a pretty damn good deal anyway..but the pressure was certainly there..both with the prosecuter and with the cop on the side of the road.

    My LAWYER tells me this is did the prosecutor. They are after the “high potency” or as THEY call it “designer” or “super” pot.

    You guys live in the god damn Dome where everyone is progressive and the real conservative police state is something that pisses you off when you read about it on Anarchoblogs.

    As long as “drug houses” were PERCEIVED as being in “the ghetto” and not down the street no one out in suburbia really gave a shit. But hydroponic growers are renting houses in “whitebread” neighborhoods trashing the shit out of them and REALLY scaring the neighbors when they get busted or after they leave.

    Maybe the nice student/hippie growers in AA don’t have automatic weapons. But they do (did) out in Clinton Township, Howell, Novi, Chelsea..and this is NOT sitting well with local law enforcement who prefer to police a community where their biggest issue used to be dog control.

    If you chose to believe I’m The Man or (horror!) I’ve been staying awake in rehab and thus my legitimacy is questionable…whatever…enjoy your stay in the can…and the opportunity to hone your picking shit up with a pointy stick skills.

    And Whoever…yeah fuck the drug wars..I can’t fucking wait until the bullshit legal system (it is) and the drug wars (yeah kiddies! they’re REAL!) fuck you. Hard.

    You both seem REAL mellow, not at all hostile and paranoid and really “open”.

    Glad the shits not psychologically addictive.
       —anon.    Apr. 18 '05 - 09:44AM    #
  25. Hollerbach,

    Take everyone in this thread other than the hippie in counseling, add together all the pot they have smoked in their lives, double it, and you still haven’t approached the amount that I have consumed.

    I am 100% in favor of legalizing pot (which is why whenever I take one of those political compass tests, it tells me I am a “moderate”) and taxing it to hell.

    I also tell my fiance when I meet people who obviously need to smoke an assload of weed for a few months to give them a little better perspective on life.

    All that said, I will never touch that stuff again. It was fun while it lasted, but I moved on with my life.
       —T.J.    Apr. 18 '05 - 04:02PM    #
  26. Hydro by itself is not necessarily any more or less potent than “brick” is. I saw a lot of my friends pay two or three times as much as I did for some hydro that didn’t do squat.

    You can easily tell if weed was grown hydroponically just by looking at it. Maybe that, coupled with surveillance and some questioning…maybe they even bought some undercover and tested it…maybe that’s how they knew it was more potent than schwag.

    I find it hard to believe that the asswipe Ann Arbor Police could pull their thumbs out of their asses long enough to learn to tell the difference between different types of weed just by sight. But it can be done. Years of heavy (in my case, HEAVY doesn’t come close to describing it) use teaches you a few things. Maybe the AAPD needs to enlist a few potheads if they are really serious about this busting-up-pot-rings thing.

    Maybe the AAPD needs to STFU and bust the dumbass frat asswipes playing beer pong at the BOX house on State St in broad daylight. Those people are more of a danger than a bunch of teaheads getting stoned, eating Cheetos and playing XBox.
       —T.J.    Apr. 18 '05 - 04:15PM    #
  27. “T.J.: Communist Drughead Menace to Christian Society”.

    This guy makes Ari Paul look like John Ashcroft by comparison.
       —David Boyle    Apr. 18 '05 - 05:17PM    #
  28. I think the conversation around what happened the other day is very ironic. People like John Doe Anon’s reply, discussing the dangers associated with high grade designer pot – to the apparent users of high grade pot argueing that it is infact still less toxic then any amount of alcohol, the philosophy behind the police arrests is being lost. This is not an issue where Police Officer Oates, or anyone else in law enforcement truly care about the potency of the drug, they care about the fact that pot is illegal. From Anon – the apparent recovering pot smoker, to the avid smokers commenting on this page, you have lost the central theme that high or low grade, small or large amounts the government has deemed marijuana a harmful and illegal drug. Law enforcement acts to prevent civilians/citizens from being able to use “said drug” not because they care about the potency, like advertised in the news papers, but because its harmful and a gateway drug (if they adhere to the Federal Governments War on Drugs).

    The true crime here, the inappropriate, inaccurate and seemingly irresponsible reporting by the Ann Arbor News and local media would have people on this Blog and presumably other citizens debating the pro’s and con’s of high grade marijuana opposed to the actual drug itself. The issue that needs to be discussed is not one of whether this is the same pot as the 60’s (and thus presumably okay for recreational smoking) but rather John Stuart Mill’s Harm Principle in basic form. Should the government and enforcement agencies be dictating what is bad for me and society by arresting individuals? Why is it a felony for people to distribute pot, but only a misdemeanor for people to grow it? Were people’s civil rights violated in the search and seizure of the marijuana found in college student’s apartments – presumably living with innocent roommates? Why did the media focus on the fact that it is “high grade pot”, rather then emphasizing the quantity and penalties associated with the drug bust – would this not serve to deter and ultimately lesson the amount of drug use in the community (if you adhere to the same philosophy as the War on Drugs).

    I for one think people should be up in arms about the inappropriate reporting by the local news agencies and seemingly unresearched, while being overly hyped, police arrests.
       —Jacob S.    Apr. 18 '05 - 10:42PM    #
  29. Jacob S: Mill was a prohibitionist with regard to alcohol. He considered the societal harm of broken homes important enough to curtail the liberty of drink. Oh, and the basic harm principle isn’t his, which he states many times in On Liberty (I believe he references Spinoza, but since I haven’t read Spinoza and don’t recall, I can’t give you an exact quote).
    But yeah, like Tosh said.
       —js    Apr. 19 '05 - 12:31AM    #
  30. Again, pot, all pot, should be legal. Period. All drug laws exist bottom line only as a tool to funnel poor young men into the military as needed (still a common the time here or serve your country over there) to keep the disinfranchised on the run and to squelch dissent as needed..much the same as tax evasion is/was used.

    I don’t live in Ann Arbor, but if I did, and the house next door to me had guns in it to protect hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of very desirable product, I don’t care if that product was brick pot, high grade pot or Amway …I don’t want it in my neighborhood. And it gets that much scarier when its post-teen bake-head junior entrepenuers handling the weaponry.

    I wouldn’t want a pawn shop, a casino, a whorehouse, a liquor store, a fencing operation or anything else that needed firepower to protect it on my kids’ walk to the park either.

    Its all about street value based on volume. This shit is ALOT easier to carry and thus alot harder to protect. With high grade pot and the cash it generates, you can walk off with an assload of capital in a couple shoe boxes versus a couple garbage bags.

    As surprised as I am to find any Ann Arborite drawn to Holy Theoretical Debate, my point in posting here was more pragmatic…as in this is what’s happening in the Real World. I miss those days when I thought all that mattered in life was what was between my lips, my legs and the cover of a book and on my CV. Ah, youth!

    Of course the police state could care less about the potency of pot..regardless of what lie they are operating from, they ARE operating. But in the case of high grade pot, they have the Average Citizen on their side now…as in holding PTA meetings about it and on the look out for it…and they are leaning on half innocent little dopers like me..who were this a second offense? I probably would have sang like Mario Lanza.

    I’m only offering a couple fun facts..the State Police are leading a crackdown on hydroponic dealers and growing operations; they are supported in this endeavor by Mom and Dad; that kid you just sold to will be pressured to offer you up so he can finish college (did you think the Ann Arbor finest actually detected these people on their own??); and this shit makes you so stupid you can’t connect the dots and so mellow you don’t care.

    And you need it so much? You’ll take your chances.
       —anon.    Apr. 19 '05 - 10:04AM    #
  31. Anon, you are in a sense being brainwashed. The doctors working to help you know the need to convince your mind that pot isn’t safe for you. Your talk of ‘toxic levels of thc’ shows a real lack of scientific knowlege on the subject. I do not have time to spell things out in exacting detail, but here is some info that will help;

    1- thc isn’t the only active chemical that gets you ‘stoned’ in pot

    2- from

    “In contrast, the CBD levels observed were surprisingly low. Only four of the sinsemilla samples had more than 0.3% CBD, and 35 of them had only trace amounts (
       —Just a Voice    Apr. 19 '05 - 04:28PM    #
  32. oh fuck, my post got messed up, sorry folks, not time to fix it now, will try later
       —Just a Voice    Apr. 19 '05 - 04:29PM    #
  33. “and this shit makes you so stupid you can’t connect the dots and so mellow you don’t care.”


    maybe you are unaware of the many famous scientists, artists, politicians, and people from every walk of life that indulge in smoking the ganja… including the inventors of Macintosh computers, Carl Sagan, Bill Gates. Even our past two presidents admitted to toking. You know that Al Gore AND his son have also inhaled? So did JFK and even Newt Gingrich.

    Pot will not fuck up anyone’s life – it is their own decisions that will fuck up their life. The biggest threat to pot smokers is bogus law, and a docile herd of citizens who put up with such law rather than addressing the problem itself.
       —Adam    Apr. 19 '05 - 04:58PM    #
  34. There are no toxic levels of THC..duh…but there are psychologically addictive levels over time.

    yah and Henry Ford was a nazi and Nixon was a drunk. BFD. Maybe Bill was stoned when he sent this country to hell for a BJ from a twit who couldn’t get a job modeling for Dairy Queen.

    But I concede. My psychologist is full of shit and only interested in promoting her repressive agenda, the cops aren’t really cracking down on hydroponic pot they just wanted to know my dealer’s name to fuck with me, pot is the path to greatest accomplishment and enlightenment and hydroponic pot is a god damn health blow.

    And the worst problem in this country is pot laws.

    Thanks for the education, boys.
       —anon.    Apr. 19 '05 - 06:48PM    #
  35. I gotta say, Anon, a big part of the drug war is scare-mongering, just like what you’re doing, you see. From my expperience pot is not addictive; I even get really sick of it sometimes and don’t toke for months. If you have a problem with it that’s unfortunate and I hope you shape up or whatever. In the meantime, the rest of us are cruising comfortably, so maybe you should keep your warning tales to your structured support circle; you know, people who give a shit.
       —whoever    Apr. 20 '05 - 05:12AM    #
  36. You know, I gotta say Whoever, that except for TJ, none of you know how to READ. No seriously, READ.

    Go back and read my comments here…I never called it “toxic”, I said I knew plenty of people that handled it well, I don’t know anyone except kids who’ve screwed their lives up on normal pot, I want to see it legalized..I don’t have a “support group” I have a trusted therapist with whom I’ve discussed how my life started downhill when I switched to $400 pot, and I’ve smoked the regular stuff on and off my whole damn life.

    For example, I almost destroyed my business because I would cook up idiot schemes stoned with my doper buddies and then tried to promote them the next day as the next new “genius” idea constantly throwing my office into chaos; I was using the dope to “mellow” instead of actually dealing with what was pissing me off so I was brutalizing the people around me when I was straight and I almost got canned for that; I had no healthy anxiety, so I let shit go in my life that I shouldn’t, like not getting caught carrying and paying my taxes; I scared off a great woman being an asshole because it was easier to get stoned than get help; I was so paranoid I saw enemies everywhere when people were just trying to help me; it was impossible to get me on the right depression med because I was stoned all the time so it was impossible to know what the hell was working and what wasn’t; the shit caused my diabetes to flare up because of how it fucked with my blood sugar; I was spending money I needed to pay my bills and build a future on $400 dope; I was risking everything smoking at work and dealing from my house.

    The worst part was, I would have picked the dope over not doping and looking at any of this shit. Sure, I could “quit” for a week or a couple months even, but I was a complete out of control asshole when I did and couldn’‘t wait to start smoking again so my life would go back to “normal.”

    This never happened to me on low dose pot because it was truly “recreational” for me in that I’d get stoned to watch a movie or hang out, but the next morning I wouldn’t be so inclined to light up first thing because it took so damn much to get high. With the expensive shit, I was literally high all the time..either not quite down from the night before or actively getting high.

    Like I say, this is my story, and obviously not yours or anyone else here. You obviously all have a great handle on it. Super for you. I know lots of people who do…I know lots of people who don’t. And I also know, when my life was swirling in the shitter I attributed it to everything BUT the dope, and since I quit for REAL and got real help for the crap I was masking with the dope everything is headed up hill.

    I started out trying to warn you jerks about the police crack down out there and how if you are carrying or dealing the good stuff you are right now at serious risk.

    If they have a warrant…and they are getting them..they can bust down your door, turn your cupboards inside out and find your stash. So be careful. Especially driving home from your dealer.

    I didn’t make the police state nor do I support it. I’m a fucking victim of it and I was trying to heads up you.

    You all want to hear “scare mongering” where there’s just a personal FYI story and some inside dope (haha) on what its going to be like down at the station. They are going to threaten you to give up your dealer. You aren’t going to want to do that. But that’s how they are finding houses, by leaning on simple possession cases.

    Ifyou have no priors you’ll probably be okay. But if you have anything previous and it was high grade pot you were carrying and you won’t give up your dealer you are going to do time. At least that’s what I was told.

    I suppose as long as you and everyone you sell to lives in AA you are pretty safe. But there’s a different zero tolerance mood out in Dexter and Scio Township and everything else around and the cops there are now “cooperating” with AA cops to get the dealers they figure are funnelling into the county.

    Again, you know, you all could just take or ignore the information, but for whatever fucked up reason you all feel the need to call me names, make fun of me and act like hostile or sarcastic assholes instead.

    Oh well. enjoy your mellow.
       —anon.    Apr. 20 '05 - 12:16PM    #
  37. Truth v Fiction – Weed:

    Truth – Weed is psychologically addictive. But like any addiction, it can be overcome. And not everyone gets addicted to it. It’s a habit like having a smoke after sex or while drinking.

    Weed demotivates you. True, it seems to affect the people who lack motivation anyway, but weed definitely does it.

    Weed never killed anyone. Maybe someone ODed on THC pills, but THC pills are nothing to mess with anyway. Taking THC pills isn’t weed, it doesn’t feel like weed, and it isn’t pleasant. Smoking weed never killed anyone. Drinking kills people every single day.

    Weed decreases anxiety. Hard to believe when you see the paranoia that creeps into weed smokers, but it does relieve anxiety. And related to that…

    Weed has permanent effects. My anxiety level has been permanently decreased because of my years of weedage. If anyone knows Anita from MSA, imagine her as worked up as you have ever seen her. I was a hell of a lot more high strung than that. She freaks out at everything. She needs to get fried a couple times (no offense Anita, you know I love you). A few years of HEAVY weed-smoking mellowed me out completely.

    Fiction – Hydroponic weed has psychological effects that schwag doesn’t. Pure horseshit. Hydro is just a method of growing that can enhance the level of THC in weed. I have smoked hydro that looked pretty and smelled good but didn’t get anyone high. I also smoked schwag that was more powerful than anything else I ever smoked. That said, as I said before, one of my friends’ dad died and he inherited a bunch of money so he bought two pounds of Northern Lights that had been grown hydroponically. That shit was hardcore. Didn’t cause any psychological problems that other weed didn’t cause, but it was some good stuff.

    Weed is a gateway drug. Stupid people do hard drugs. You can’t blame weed for that. If your kid did crack, it’s not because he or she smoked weed. It’s because he or she is stupid. I should know, several of my friends from home are crackheads now. They are stupid. They aren’t crackheads because they smoked weed. I started the same time they did. They are crackheads, I don’t even touch drugs. Gateway, my ass.

    Pot laws are bad/the government is after us/yadda yadda yadda. That’s all horseshit. I am 100% in favor of legalization because I want Phillip Morris and Reynolds growing it and the government regulating it and taxing the shit out of it. Pot leads to people getting crazy, stupid, whacked out views of reality. You smoke weed and you start to explore things that you have always taken for granted in life, and then you start to come to conclusions that, when sober, don’t make any sense at all. If you do it long enough, your entire world view is fucked forever. That’s not a good thing, and the last thing we need is a society full of people like that. The government isn’t out to get you, they are just doing their job. They are trying to keep this shit away from schools.
       —T.J.    Apr. 20 '05 - 08:12PM    #
  38. preach it brother, t.j.!!

    seriously, in total agreement here…

    i will add, though, that the number one gateway drug is actually cigarettes…

    also, on the issue of anxiety, you are right, t.j., but i think more accurately is that thc is actually a muscle relaxant (which is why cancer patients often use it), and was actually discovered by a chinese physican in like the year 1 as a form of anesthisa…so t.j.’s point here leads into the whole medicinal use thing…

    if you legalize it, i will advertise it,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Apr. 21 '05 - 12:39AM    #
  39. My dad used it for medicinal purposes. Helped him. Of course, with bone cancer, you need more than a little ganj to get by.

    Cigarettes are the gateway drug, for sure. I started smoking to impress a girl (it worked). That led to hanging out with the “wrong crowd,” which lead to peer pressure, etc. I never did anything I didn’t want to, and I laughed at my friends when they tried to pressure me into making the same dumb mistakes they did.

    But if I never smoked, I never would have done the shit that I did. No regrets, but I am not about to let my kid smoke.

    Ari, how did the quitting go? Last time I remember hearing, it had been a couple days. Did you kick the habit? If not, let me know. I will teach you how I did it. Worked for my mom, it’s been seven years for her.
       —T.J.    Apr. 21 '05 - 02:49AM    #
  40. Is “anon.” really Elliott Wells-Reid?

    Just kidding. We love you, Elliott.
       —David Boyle    Apr. 21 '05 - 03:44AM    #
  41. i quit smoking last summer…at a party in october i bummed one when i was drunk, took two puffs and said fuck it, and haven’t had any inclination to go back since…

    i’ve noticed that a lot of people have quit smoking lately, of my friends at least, which is probably a good sign, of something…

    man, leave it to a post on wacky tobaccy to hit over 40 posts…

    up in smoke,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Apr. 21 '05 - 04:28AM    #
  42. ...nevermind the fact that you were just witness to a post in which an ultraconservative Christian came out in favor of legalization and proceded to discuss the effect of growing method on the potency of marijuana…and didn’t say that higher potency was “dangerous” or even “bad”...
       —T.J.    Apr. 21 '05 - 05:06AM    #
  43. E-mail more dangerous than pot:,12597,1465973,00.html
       —matt hollerbach    Apr. 23 '05 - 04:17PM    #
  44. Due to contrary belief, I feel the need to set it straight concerning marijuana and grades of marijuana. The plants haven’t changed over these past decades, but only the research has changed. Marijuana is the same today, if you knew the right people, as it was all those years ago. As it was then, and is now; higher grade marijuana is at higher costs and typically is sold by fewer people. Avid marijuana smokers tend to need a stronger, more sophisticated, stone in order to achieve the same effects as they once had. Through 1980 and earlier years, the drive to erradicate marijuana was much lower than it is today. It is also safe to say that the market for this type of marijuana has grown with passing years, as well, due to users from past era’s becoming older. Simply put, There are many variables within and around marijuana. No one variable is the cause, but all the variables in combination have caused differing statistics. Moreover, One needs to use a bit of intelligence before making irrational statements.

    Peace and sobriety,

       —Nick    May. 15 '06 - 06:11PM    #
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       —mike flanagan    Jun. 8 '06 - 04:36PM    #
  46. how muchmoney would you make is you just leagalized it, put restrictions on it just like alchol, and taxed the hell out of it. Just think about it, smoke a joint, and mellow out. Cuz smokin the reefer, gets you in touch with your true self!

       —mike flanagan    Jun. 8 '06 - 04:39PM    #
  47. Well…I am sitting here at summer school writting this. Not becuase i failed anything but to graduate early. Yes a STONER graduate early. Mary Jane would be legal if they could find a way to test it for recent use. THC can stay in your system for up to a week (thats if you smoke it then quit if used everyday it will be longer). Thats why it hasnt become legal yet. If you are driving stoned there is no way of telling if you just got high… or if it was from a few days ago. Blood testing takes to long and hair samples is too exspensive. I am one of the most avid users of pot. I am related to 3 of the most biggest drug pushers for all of ohio and i can honestly say that pot does ruin your life. however, it is so fun! all im sayin is thatwhen you smoke be careful. If you get cought dont take no-one down with you. your already in trouble for what you had. why get someone else in more trouble?! and use it in moderations. you can still smoke A LOT!! but dont let it take control of your life. people classify THC users to be lazy, dirty, unfit, hippies, other drug using, stoners when really Its not like that. sometimes people use it just to go to sleep… or medical reasons.. or just to get high.. but be smart about it. dont sell to people you dont know. dont have people you know and trust bring people that you dont know.. REMEMBER your dealing with something ILLEGAL. I know high rides are fun (high ride- ridin’in a car smokin on back country roads) but dont go wavin the bowl around and if you see cute guys… or girls.. dont go try n’ show off by hittin it so they can see. showin off is what’s gonna get you in trouble. by showin people your business.

    but im gonna go ive typed to much already and im goin to sleep for the rest of the time!


    -send to

       —from ohio    Jun. 26 '06 - 05:39PM    #