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MacKinnon on the Late Andrea Dworkin

16. April 2005 • Ari Paul
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U-M Law Prof. Catherine MacKinnon eulogizes Andrea Dworkin in the New York Times this morning.

Only power did not underestimate Andrea Dworkin. Threatened by this Jewish girl from Camden, N.J., the minions of the status quo moved to destroy her credibility and bury her work alive.

Andrea Dworkin saw through male power as a political system – “while the system of gender polarity is real, it is not true,” she said – and exposed the sexual core of male supremacy, the heart of the male darkness. She stood with, and therefore for, sexually abused women. So she was treated as they are treated, denigrated as they are denigrated. She was the intellectual shock troops, the artistic heavy artillery of the women’s movement in our time. She took its heaviest hits.

  1. A very nice article and eulogy by Professor MacKinnon. I enjoyed her Sex Equality class at the law school here.
       —David Boyle    Apr. 16 '05 - 11:46PM    #