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18. June 2004 • Brian Kerr
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Arbor Blogger Murph has posted an informative Ann Arbor City Council Watch, wherein he notes the following resolution, with comment:

A resolution approving a “priority construction phase” for pedestrian improvements on Plymouth Road—this would involve two 80’ long sections of raised median, one at the Islamic Center and one at Traverwood, each with pedestrian refuge, accessible ramps, crosswalks marked on the pavement, and lit overhead signs. Basically, two more like the one that already exists near Willowtree. Sound like Plymouth is going to be a boulevard pretty soon? Ding! The full proposal calls for a grass median all the way from Nixon to Murfin, and a full signal at Traverwood. Works for me.

  1. (Just a note—this is on the agenda for Monday’s council meeting, not something they’ve passed yet. But I expect they will.)
       —Murph    Jun. 18 '04 - 04:21PM    #
  2. Moreover, this is just the start of a massive bike/pedestrian plan for the city—I’m really impressed with the plans I’ve seen thus far. In a few years, there’ll be more bike lanes and crossing islands than you can shake a stick at.
       —Brandon    Jun. 18 '04 - 04:42PM    #