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U-M Email Blocking

18. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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According to a new e-mail blocking and filtering statistics page created by the University’s ITCS, well over half the email recieved by the University’s computers is either deleted or rejected. For the week ending June 6, over 23 million emails were deleted for containing a virus, 10 million rejected, leaving 10 million accepted for delivery to U-M email boxes.

  1. Here is the official announcement, which gives slightly more information.
       —Brian    Jun. 18 '04 - 05:46PM    #
  2. Also, vaguely related is the ongoing campus DSPAM trial

    DSPAM is a server-side spam filter that works similarly to mail client “Bayesian” (or “learning/trainable”) spam filters. Those of you who’ve used Mozilla Mail or Apple’s should be familiar with this method of spam filtering. DSPAM is nice because it doesn’t require you to use a particular email program to sort your mail—it is sorted for you no matter which email program you can use. But unlike many server-side filters, you can train it with your personal mail—it doesn’t rely on standard rules for everyone… (One man’s junk…)
       —Scott Trudeau    Jun. 22 '04 - 06:11PM    #