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An Extraordinary Appeal from Argentina

28. April 2005 • MarkDilley
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From an email I received today:

The workers in the Zanon ceramic factory in Argentina were faced with a challenge which is familiar to so many workers these days. Their factory was closing down. They were about to lose their jobs. They took matters into their own hands, occupied the factory and began running it as a co-operative. Their heroic struggle was the subject of a recent film, The Take(IMDb).

But recently, the workers have come under increasing attack, with death threats now a part of their daily experience. The wife of one worker was kidnapped and had her face and chest slashed. And now the courts are considering ways to take the factory (and the jobs) away from the workers.

Please send your message of protest and solidarity today.

What an interesting solution to the problem, keeping the factory open! But that is not allowed under the “rules” of life! You get your loved ones face cut. Intense.