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Slate: "Welcome to Miller Time, Loser"

3. May 2005 • Ari Paul
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Is the American beer industry in danger?

  1. Huh. Seems like everyone drinks endless amounts of Pabst.
       —Brandon    May. 3 '05 - 09:56PM    #
  2. I also vaguely remember seeing some statistics about the number of microbrewries in America taking off over the last several years – just because the mega-swills are losing booze market share doesn’t mean there’s some crisis in beer drinking. (In fact, I’d say it means good things for beer drinking!)
       —Murph    May. 4 '05 - 02:52AM    #
  3. This year was the best ever for “craft” beer in America, but many of the world’s breweries are in crisis….particularly in Germany where per capita consumption has plummeted.

    PBR is now made by SABMiller…the last big indie beer is no more. I’m sure all the hipsters would be thrilled to learn that their hard earned dough is going to South Africa.

    As to the increase in spirits consumption….it is no accident that we started distilling. Our segment (spirits over $30 per bottle) went up by an astounding 27% in a 12 month period starting in Feb. of last year…...
       —Todd Leopold    May. 4 '05 - 02:12PM    #
  4. Todd, I realize this is maybe not the place to ask, but what do you spirits do you make? I haven’t made it to your place in many many months, sadly, and it isn’t on your website. I’d love a good locally-made gin.
       —KGS    May. 4 '05 - 02:17PM    #
  5. KGS, Todd’s gin & tonics are to die for. Get over there ASAP. They’ve also got vodka and some liqueurs, I believe.
       —Brandon    May. 4 '05 - 03:16PM    #
  6. We are about to upload our new website….the old one is, well, laughably lame and sad.

    I make gin, vodka, and 20 or so liqueurs…..marionberry, tart cherry, melon, chocolate, blueberry, etc…..

    The gin that is on is the new, final formulation that will be sent for export. I am glad that you like it Brandon. I’m very proud of it.

    My favorite is the gin and tonic because the effervescence of the tonic pulls the aroma of the gin out. It’s a real treat. You should try it with a dash of tart Michigan cherry liqueur.

    Sorry for commercialism.
       —Todd Leopold    May. 4 '05 - 03:25PM    #
  7. I was at Todd’s place yesterday, but was captivated by the hefeweizen and didn’t try the gin. Next time.
       —tom    May. 4 '05 - 03:39PM    #
  8. Mmm, gin & tonics are excellent! I’ll see if I can head over this weekend for a little bit. thanks for the info.
       —KGS    May. 4 '05 - 03:45PM    #
  9. I’ll second the current hefeweizen. I had one last night and it was vastly improved since the last time I had a hefe at Leopold’s, many months ago, which tasted like someone had squeezed a whole lemon into it.

    Todd’s gin is awesome. I do have to try the gin & tonic with the cherry liquor. That sounds delicious!
       —Scott    May. 4 '05 - 06:23PM    #
  10. Yeah, I changed the recipe from last year. The primary reason that it was more tart last year was to discourage people from tossing a lemon into the damn thing. Of course, now that I’ve changed it back to a more conventional hefeweizen, you’ll see the same people who complained that it was too sour last year drop a slice of lemon in it——making it even more sour than last year’s brew. Kind of annoying.

    You can’t win for losing sometimes.
       —Todd Leopold    May. 4 '05 - 06:42PM    #
  11. Jeez, am I the only one here that drinks the gin neat? Naybe I’ll try your wacky conconction, Todd. You got a name for it, or do I have to describe it to the bartender?
       —js    May. 5 '05 - 07:45PM    #
  12. Yes, you and I are the only guys who drink it neat. Me at the still, and you at the bar.

    One of the bartenders calls it a “Red Wing”....I just call it a gin and tonic with a splash of cherry liqueur, but I have always hated the stupid names for drinks that are out there.
       —Todd Leopold    May. 5 '05 - 08:54PM    #