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Win the War raffling a pound of pot

12. May 2005 • Murph
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Yesterday I was handed a slip of paper at the corner of State and Liberty that reads as follows:

Win a pound of pot!

You read that right. Win the war is raffling a pound of pot to finance their petition to legalize and regulate marijuana the same as alcohol in Michigan. Not to worry, in the event the initiative is unsuccessful (heaven forbid), they will substitute 2 round trip flight tickets to Amsterdam.

To purchase a raffle ticket, go to

The Win the War site also has the text of the proposed Michigan Constitutional Amendment and a printable version of the petition to circulate.

  1. (I was particularly pleased by the location . . .)
       —Murph    May. 12 '05 - 04:19PM    #
  2. Hey! I crutched by that guy twice and didn’t get slipped that note! hmmm… :-)
       —Mark    May. 12 '05 - 10:53PM    #
  3. That’s ‘cuz you look like a narc, Mark.
       —js    May. 13 '05 - 12:30AM    #
  4. that’s so unfair. You should just refuse to crutch any further until he gives you everything you want. You deserve to win.
       —Trixie    May. 13 '05 - 07:15AM    #
  5. Anyone who read the last thread knows I am all for legalization. But this is just tacky.
       —T.J.    May. 15 '05 - 05:01PM    #