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Michigan Radio hosting "Globalism & Michigan", 17 May

17. May 2005 • Murph
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Michigan Radio is hosting an event on “Michigan’s role in the global economy” tonight at the business school. From their press release (pdf):

These forums, entitled “Globalism and Michigan: Where Do We Fit In?�, will be moderated by Michigan Radio News Director Michael Leland. Leland will host a panel of experts on globalization, who will discuss the issue and take questions from the audience.

The Tuesday, May 17 forum will be held in Ann Arbor at 7 pm in Phelps Lounge in the U of M Business School.This event will be held in partnership with the William Davidson Institute.

The event is open to the public, and is part of NPR’s Think Global 2005 series, running this week.

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  1. I found yesterday’s installment, “Globalization 3.0” to be a little underwhelming. It featured case study bits joined together by the two hosts bantering at a “Car Talk” level of gravity. The conversation was, loosely, “You know, globalization has both winners and losers. The question is – are the winners winning enough to justify what the losers are losing? That’s a good question. I guess we’ll see in 30 years.”
       —Murph.    May. 17 '05 - 04:15PM    #