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20. May 2005 • MarkDilley
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This looks like a blast! While working on the second floor of the Michigan Theater Building, I had always imagined having a street party with music and dancing.

We will be simulcasting live (over the internet and on the street) from the porch of Elmo’s T-Shirts, 404 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor on nice days this summer! The porch is at street level, about 10 feet from the sidewalk! We have built a portable broadcast unit with a P/A system, dual CD mixer, laptop with internet, lights, and mikes.

via Ed via a3radio

  1. This is a great idea. Far cooler, in my mind, than the “cool cities” project that has been proposed for that same part of town. Seems a shame this couldn’t have been included in that proposal along with the Michigan Theater digital requests. It is interactive, educational, community-based, fun, and artistic. Far more interesting than lights on a parking structure, no matter how interactive they are.
       —Juliew    May. 23 '05 - 01:33PM    #
  2. I could be wrong, but I think the Cool Cities grants could only be used for hard costs, not programming or events.
       —JustinW    May. 23 '05 - 03:39PM    #
  3. JustinW, I’m sure you are right about the Cool Cities grant restrictions. What impressed me most about the A3Radio project is that they are opening it up to the community and are willing to train people and give them practice time with the mixer at their studio. To me, this is less about the programming (although that is interesting in itself) and more about involving and educating the community.
       —Juliew    May. 23 '05 - 04:20PM    #
  4. Justin’s right – the Cool Cities grant had to be used for capital costs with some kind of permanency, rather than training or one-time events.

    The cynical explanation is that, Granholm wanted to ensure the grant money went to something she could stand in front of for photo ops come election time.
       —Murph    May. 23 '05 - 05:07PM    #
  5. Now if only they start podcasting … (I’ve contacted them about this and they assure me they’re looking into it).
       —Scott T.    May. 23 '05 - 06:00PM    #