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Suckers: A gateway gateway drug?

31. May 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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Ganja Rock CandyLenawee County State Rep. Dudley Spade is on a mission to save the children of Michigan from the scourge of a dangerous class of suckers. Spade is not concerned about the much fretted-over choking risk of this form of candy, but rather the potential to lure kids to the shady underworld of drug users. Reportedly, suckers flavored like marijuana (without the THC) have become popular with the kids, and Spade thinks this may entice them to try the real thing. He intends to submit legislation to ban this form of candy.

The Pot Sucker label contains a warning, which says the product is “highly addictive” and “tastes like the real ‘deal.’ ” Pot Suckers retail for $2.

Marijuana-flavored candy comes in several forms, Spade said. There is also chronic candy, which is sold by the ounce or in nickel bags. Other companies sell chocolate-covered pretzels and peanut butter cups with marijuana flavoring.

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