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New West Side hits mainstream press, mainstream neighborhood associations

6. June 2005 • Murph
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Dale comments, “Check today’s Michigan Daily for a news story on the NWS, an editorial endorsing our formation, and a viewpoint by me. Also, it includes a shout out to Arbor Update and belated recognition for the blogging community.”

The feature story includes a welcome to NWS from Chris Crockett of the Old Fourth Ward association.

> Daily, 6 June: Students form own residential association
> Daily, 6 June Editorial: A new hope: Student neighborhood group, emergent from local blogging scene, is singularly promising
> Daily, 6 June Viewpoint by Dale Winling: A vision for a new student activism
> New West Side webpage and NWS blog

  1. Thanks, Murph. Pursuant to the Saturday meeting, I am incorporating the NWS. I’m also forming the Ann Arbor Alliance to serve as the umbrella group for any future neighborhood student associations. Keep your eyes peeled for a Labor Day Weekend kickoff to social/political activities and keep checking back to the blog and Web site (perhaps soon to be combined) for interim summer info and involvement opportunities, eg slumlord bill and city primaries.
       —Dale    Jun. 6 '05 - 02:40PM    #
  2. Ann Arbor Alliance is a good name, if a little generic. I was thinking this morning that maybe “Transient Residents of Ann Arbor Municipal Party”, or TRAMP, would be a good name for a student- and renter-oriented organization.
       —Murph    Jun. 6 '05 - 03:15PM    #
  3. How about the “New Ann Arbor Alliance” ... Naaa …

       —Scott Trudeau    Jun. 6 '05 - 05:08PM    #
  4. A-Cubed.
       —Brandon    Jun. 6 '05 - 05:31PM    #
  5. Crap—I forgot the Daily was still coming out… definitely have to examine their trenchant critiques and incisive coverage of all things pertinent.
       —Lazaro    Jun. 6 '05 - 11:09PM    #