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LA Times Experiment - Wikitorials

19. June 2005 • MarkDilley
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The LA Times just introduced an experiment into their site. A wiki used to edit certain editorials of theirs.

The weblog-o-sphere is talking about this and the first wikitorial – Dreams About War and Retribution has been active the last 48 hours with hundeds of posts (many reverting spam).

  1. how does this blog avoid spam? every other one i see nowadays is cluttered with deals on software.
       —muirhead    Jun. 19 '05 - 01:23PM    #
  2. I don’t appreciate your ruse, muirhead. That’s right, we’ve seen right through your clever attempt to learn the secrets of our defenses so that you can circumvent them.

    Or, the other response is, “I don’t know. Just lucky?” Forced preview helps, though it seems to mean that some real comments get lost in the ether…
       —Murph.    Jun. 19 '05 - 03:06PM    #
  3. Mine never gets spammed either, go figure.
       —Brandon    Jun. 19 '05 - 05:06PM    #
  4. The LA Times took their wikitorials down, they were unwilling to deal with the wikispam that they got. (a pity).

    I have half a mind to cut/paste some Ann Arbor News editorials to my wiki and see what comes of them :)
       —Edward Vielmetti    Jun. 20 '05 - 04:47AM    #