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Ann Arbor Premiere of Fahrenheit 911

22. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Well, it’s been confirmed: “Fahenheit 911” will premier at the Michigan Theater one minute past midnight on Thursday, at 12:01 Friday. Tickets are $8 and are available at the Michigan Theater Ticket office (open 6:30 to 9:30 daily), the Michigan Union Ticket Office, or over the phone or web via Ticketmaster.

  1. Sorry to be a grammar gnome, but shouldn’t that be premiere...?
       —TheaLogie    Jun. 22 '04 - 02:06PM    #
  2. Not according to the Oxford English Dictionary, or Merriam-Webster for that matter.
       —Eric Goldberg    Jun. 22 '04 - 03:11PM    #
  3. What I want to know is why folks are quibbling on the spelling of ‘premiere’—which, although I gotta side with comment #1 over #2, is at least a little ambiguous—while ignoring the omitted serial comma and non-parallel construction in the last sentence. Cup of coffee for whomever can find one or more grammatical misfires in this comment—they’re inevitably present. :)
       —Brian    Jun. 23 '04 - 10:11PM    #
  4. Brian, isn’t “quibbling” an action generally taken “over” something, rather than “on” something? Even if “quibbling on” is acceptable, of course, I think you won’t quibble over my assertion that “I gotta side” is grammatically questionable.
       —Murph    Jun. 24 '04 - 08:02AM    #
  5. Nor will I quibble upon it.
       —Brian    Jun. 24 '04 - 09:14AM    #
  6. Premiere is the first performance, according to the AP Stylebook. Because we all know that weblogs follow stylebooks.
       —js    Jun. 24 '04 - 10:03AM    #

    Ray Bradbury is pissed at M. Moore, claiming he wants his title back. Duh???? It’s not the same title, Ray. True, paper burns at 451 degree but it takes 911 degrees to burn up the U.S. Constitution. That is what Moore claims Bush has done in attacking Iraq.

    Moore’s piece is a satirical cartoon. Still he is attacked for distorting the truth. Duh???? No cartoonist is ever held to any standard of realism. Their craft is based on distortion—the morphing of people into ideas. Which is exactly what Moore does in F-911.

    His first attempt at satire is to ask: Are Americans sleep walking? Are the last four years but a dream? He implies that if Americans don’t soon wake up to what is happening, figures like Donald Rumsfeld will soon morph into past figures that were named, for example, Hermann Goering, Hitler’s Reich-Marshall.

    At the Nuremberg Trials after WW II, Goering said the following: “But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, ....All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” (April 18, 1946, interview with Gustave Gilbert in his book, NUREMBERG DIARY.)

    Moore is clever in making Bush the star of his movie. Sure he must drag the lines spoken out of context to make his points, but that is the fodder for all current political ads. What he does best is to graphically show how the nation of sheep followed the leader into this abyss. For example, he shows two Marine recruiters rounding up the needed cannon fodder like a pimp at the bus station stalking runaway teenage girls.

    Make no mistake, the hundreds of audiences from coast to coast who took time to applaud after watching F-911, got the message and woke up. There are, of course, many in Iraq who will never awaken again. They did not, however, die in vain.

    And no, Ray Bradbury, you can’t have your title back.
       —Eugene Goheen    Jul. 4 '04 - 02:31PM    #