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30. June 2005 • Brandon
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In town for the holiday weekend? Fear not!

Great Lakes Myth Society (complex, literate, accordion-augmented indie pop with an Upper Midwestern accent; one of the best live bands in the region)
The Singles (infectious, Beatlesy guitar pop from the ‘burbs)
Starling Electric (psychedelic pop bliss straight outta the Old [New?] West Side)
$7, doors 9:30
The Blind Pig

Kelly Jean Caldwell (heartache queen of Tree Town)
Fred Thomas (most transcendent songwriter in the state)
Ben & Bruno (featuring Grand Rapids-via-Ypsilanti’s Juan Garcia)
Actual Birds (campfire songs for the 21st Century)
$5 recommended, 9 PM
Black Elk Co-Op

Fireworks (more exciting than ever?)
Hudson Mills Metropark
10 PM

Ann Arbor Independence Day Parade (free candy, free activists/citizens)
10 AM

  1. If you’d like to be IN the Ann Arbor parade, you’re welcome to come walk with me. Indeed, I’d appreciate it. Send email to polygon at potifos dot com.
       —Larry Kestenbaum    Jun. 30 '05 - 01:53PM    #
  2. So, did anyone go to anything, and how was it? I was in Chicago, mostly getting dragged along to really awful Wrigleyville/Lincoln Park bars. Although my evening in Wicker Park was better.
       —Brandon    Jul. 5 '05 - 01:19AM    #
  3. I saw Larry in the parade and whistled when he walked by….
       —JennyD    Jul. 5 '05 - 01:57AM    #
  4. The highways of Northern Virginia became parts of the civic realm tonight as I, among a cast of thousands who didn’t want to sit around all day on the Mall waiting for the fireworks, drove towards the Potomac at 8:30 and, encountering near-gridlock, pulled onto the shoulders of I-395, I-66, US-1 and the various cloverleafs thereof and sat on guardrails, car roofs and hoods, and concrete barriers to chat and watch the DC fireworks over the Washington Monument while airplanes on the approach to Reagan airport silhouetted in front of the pyrotechnic bursts of light.

    Missed the Ann Arbor activities.
       —Dale    Jul. 5 '05 - 02:39AM    #
  5. So poetic, Dale. Reminds me of an REM video.
       —Brandon    Jul. 5 '05 - 02:12PM    #
  6. What’s the frequency, Brandon?
       —Dale    Jul. 5 '05 - 02:21PM    #
  7. Everybloggy hurts, sometimes.
       —Brandon    Jul. 5 '05 - 04:15PM    #
  8. Went to GLMS; went to the parade. Thought of booing when the Greenway people passed by but decided to play the gentleman. All in all, not a bad weekend. Ate lots of sausage and sauerkraut.
       —Lazaro    Jul. 5 '05 - 08:58PM    #
  9. Wait a second. There was a Greenway contingent in the parade?
       —Dale    Jul. 5 '05 - 09:19PM    #
  10. Oh yes. About 25-30 people marched with a big Greenway banner. They had kids with them. They threw candy to spectators.
       —JennyD    Jul. 5 '05 - 09:25PM    #
  11. Because clearly the supporters of a “full scale” Greenway have superior patriotic qualities. Not like the traitorous parking structure supporters and their apologists. I can’t think of anything less American than parking structures.
       —Feeling sarcastic    Jul. 5 '05 - 09:44PM    #
  12. Fuck that, FS; there’s nothing MORE American than a parking structure.
       —js    Jul. 5 '05 - 10:02PM    #
  13. We, the county officials (prosecutor, treasurer, drain commissioner, clerk-register), were placed immediately behind the Greenway contingent.
       —Larry Kestenbaum    Jul. 6 '05 - 09:28AM    #
  14. They (the Greenway folks, not the county officials) were all dressed in green, too, some of them wearing costumes, like the activists I’d seen at National Marijuana Day 1996 in D.C. I was most disappointed at the no-show of the San Diego Chicken.
       —Lazaro    Jul. 6 '05 - 10:09PM    #