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"Arts on the Diag" ... This Friday

22. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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From an email:

“Attention U-M arts community!

This friday (6/25) from 11-4pm, The Mural and Sculpture Club is hosting “Arts on the Diag.” Everyone is invited to paint, sculpt, chalk, and have fun!

Here’s how you can be creative:

A table where you can paint a cool wooden tile and take it home!

Massive amounts of chalk for designs – right on the diag itself!

Air-drying clay you can use to make your own mini-sculpture

Two blank 24X36 canvases acting as a “community mural” you can paint any of your own ideas on

Two pre-sketched 24X36 paintings you can paint by “filling in the

For more information please contact Dave Landau at Cobrax11x at