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Peters, NYT: Detroit out of Top 10

30. June 2005 • Ari Paul
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Jeremy Peters, formerly of the Michigan Daily, reports today in the New York Times that Detroit is “not on the list of the top 10 most populous American cities for the first time since the 1900 census. San Jose, Calif., has taken its place.”

  1. Heh, I had to send a request for a correction telling them that there are actually only three pro teams in Detroit; the Pistons are 30 miles northwest of Downtown Detroit and may as well be called the Pontiac Pistons.
       —Chris    Jun. 30 '05 - 10:57PM    #
  2. That’s “Auburn Hills” Pistons, as in the “Palace of Auburn Hills.”
       —Scott Trudeau    Jun. 30 '05 - 11:43PM    #
  3. Yeah, I know what city they play in but considering they’re much much closer to Pontiac than Detroit, and if they’re going the route of “play in one city, but belong to another” why not make a catchy alliteration out of their name?
       —Chris    Jul. 1 '05 - 12:50AM    #
  4. I get it. According to google, Rochester Hills has a slightly higher population (68,825) than Pontiac (66,337), and is just as close. Auburn Hills has a measly 19,837. But Pontiac is more like a “real city” if a municipality of under 100,000 can really be called a “city.” :)
       —Scott Trudeau    Jul. 1 '05 - 01:43PM    #
  5. Yeah, I bet the title of being the fattest city in the nation last year contributed to the stunting of the population growth. Thank god Houston and Philly took rank 1 and 2 off our shoulders… They can have the title!
       —Amit Chowdhry    Jul. 1 '05 - 02:51PM    #
  6. I believe San Jose is also the largest city in America without its own symphony orchestra. The San Jose Symphony went out of business a few years ago.

    Apparently there is a “Silicon Valley Symphony” planned for some suburban site.
       —Larry Kestenbaum    Jul. 1 '05 - 04:06PM    #
  7. I think Detroit is the best city it’s ghetto but its famous alright every one loves The D and they should keep doing it BIG!
       —Jasmine    Feb. 2 '06 - 10:52PM    #