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Sandra Day O'Connor Retires

1. July 2005 • Josh Steichmann
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While it’s not local per se, goodbye Sandra Day.
What does this mean? Well, the crucial swing vote is gone from the Supreme Court, and Bush petite is in charge of nominating a successor.
Noting his father’s choice of Coke, and the son’s general propensity for doing the same thing only worse...
Well, it’s time to choose a new justice. Will it be Gitmo Gonzales? Pugnacious Prissy?
Maybe it’s time to donate to your favorite political charity…

  1. This could be a truly momentous pick. O’Connor was the deciding vote in Casey (upholding Roe v. Wade) and the affirmative action decisions. If W. does follow his father I hope (but doubt) it’s Bush I’s Souter pick rather than Thomas.
       —PeteM    Jul. 4 '05 - 01:10AM    #
  2. Bad sign when Gonzalez is too liberal for the Bushies.
       —Eric Lipson.    Jul. 4 '05 - 01:19AM    #
  3. It sounds from what little I’ve read that they’re opposed to Gonzalez not because they know he’s too liberal, but because they’re not sure. For example, he’s said that his position on abortion is irrelevant, because its legality is the law; and that there will be no ‘litmus tests’ for this administration.
       —[libcat]    Jul. 4 '05 - 02:43PM    #
  4. Ramesh Ponnuru had an ineresting column on the National Review website about Gonzalez having to recuse himself from potential supreme court cases because of his previous and current role in the executive branch
       —Sekou Benson    Jul. 6 '05 - 03:32AM    #