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Dave Zirin: Pining for the Pistons

6. July 2005 • MarkDilley
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Thought I would add another Piston post to Arbor Update…

“It was only 18 months ago when (Ben) Wallace laid a verbal smackdown on (NBA commissioner David) Stern, saying, ‘I see behind the lines. I see behind the false screens. I know what this business is all about. I know the commissioner of this league makes more than three-quarters of the players in this league… They look at black athletes like we’re dumb-ass n———. It’s as if we’re just going to shut up, sign for the money and do what they tell us.’”

via Counterpunch

  1. actually it was Rasheed Wallace. the article from counterpunch IS a good article though:
       —anonymous    Jul. 6 '05 - 03:01AM    #
  2. Thanx for the link, anonymous. I really like how Rasheed Wallace speaks his mind without paying attention to being politically correct. Some may be offended, but sometimes when Rasheed runs his mouth, good things happen. For example, I still remember after Game 1 against the Pacers last year after the loss, rather than just listening/answering to the reporters’ inane questions, he kept repeating “We will win Game 2.” And so they did. Thanks again. Definetely gonna save this link.
       —Amit Chowdhry    Jul. 6 '05 - 11:57AM    #
  3. I do not think that people think Blacks are dumb because many Blacks are geeting degrees, therefore, we are not dumb. I know I can read and write efficiently because I am attending college, and I am a senior. I think Rasheed always say what he think and feel, but he needs to watch his attitude because it reflects how he play baskestball. Ben don’t take no shit either because he speak up for himself as well. This is a different time period, which we live in and color does not matter in many cases, it is the talent and skills. I believe if a person is good at what he or she does that determines the position in life. For example, many people can not play sports, but they are good in other areas. Speaking up is a part of life and everyone does it in their own way.
       —Leah Fowler    Jul. 9 '05 - 04:06AM    #