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Kang Launches Website

6. July 2005 • Brandon
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Ward 2 City Council candidate Eugene Kang has launched a campaign website.

>Goodspeed Update: Kang Campaign Launches Website

  1. I thought the link to on his campaign site was pretty bold.
       —Brandon    Jul. 6 '05 - 07:40PM    #
  2. Last year, I linked to—and quoted from!—AAIO on my campaign web site .

    Was that “bold”? I don’t recall anyone throwing it back in my face, or making the least issue of it.

    Maybe the concept of Ann Arbor being overrated is more controversial at the city level than at the county level.
       —Larry Kestenbaum    Jul. 7 '05 - 02:12AM    #
  3. I’m afraid his platform strikes me as a bit content-free (or at least detail-free). Balance the budget, restrain the growth in taxes, AND provide more affordable housing. Neat trick. How does he propose to do all that? He doesn’t say.

    He’d take dense development on a case-by-case basis and try to balance density against aesthetics? Well, OK—but that doesn’t tell us anything other than he’ll rely on his own personal sense of good and appropriate design. Not very helpful for a potential voter.
       —mw    Jul. 12 '05 - 03:56PM    #
  4. Yea, I’d like a little more to go on besides the ‘vote for me because I’m a student and isn’t that novel that I’m into politics’ line. And keeping the quaint Ann Arbor downtown aeshetics as a balance from unchecked densification? That is a percpetion issue that doesn’t need to be encouraged, besides isn’t it a bit fogy-ish? Case by case is not pragmatic and its how any decent project gets sunk! We need to re-zone and adopt a bold comprehensive apporoach to planning for the people who choose to live downtown and take pressure off the existing housing stock.
       —Dave Somers    Jul. 20 '05 - 07:13PM    #
  5. Having met Eugene a couple times, I have to say that you’re characterization of his campaign is misguided. He is hardly running on the novelty of being a student who happens to be interested in politics. He is a life-long member of the Ann Arbor community and he sees this as a way to give back to the community. He is a very bright and energetic person and is visibly eager to help this community any way he can. Having Eugene on city council will do nothing but aid this city and its residents.
       —as    Jul. 24 '05 - 05:07AM    #
  6. Hey, Arbor Update, what’s up? Since we’re back on the topicof the election, where are the responses to your candidate questionaire? Arbor Update asked for responses to be filed by candidates over a week ago. I responded timely. Nothing was posted. I asked what was up. I was told that the deadline was extended for a week because of a medical emergency of one candidate. So now its three days after that extended deadline and nothing has been posted. Are you waiting until August 3 to post the responses? Or didn’t your favored candidates respond? So much for your credibility (and any appearance of impartiality).
       —Eric Lipson    Jul. 24 '05 - 10:29AM    #
  7. Eric,

    Murph just got back from vacation and is now planning a wedding in the near future. I’ve been working hard on an estate sale and moving (not done yet!). Not sure what our other contributors are up to, but Murph had spearheaded questionairres, so please cut us a little slack. We’ll post the responses when we have the time to do so. I assure you the delay has nothing to do with whether allegedly “favorer” have responded or not.
       —Scott T.    Jul. 24 '05 - 01:43PM    #
  8. Scott,
    It’s not that big a deal, let’s face it. But I’m sure you can understand why it’s aggravating. You guys created the process and set the deadline, not us. Some candidates met it, some didn’t. And the election date is no surprise to anyone. So because one candidate is having a problem (tho’ very legitimate) the whole process stops? This is a competition that you are now effectively handicapping. I know, it’s your website and you can do what you want. But it’s interesting that I’ve done my share of head-butting with Murph, and because my opponent, Ms. Higgins, (who happens to be one of the biggest supporters of the 3 site plan on which I’m more ambivalent) can’t get her response in timely, nothing gets printed.
    So here’s my campaign letter. I’ll self- publish it on your site. Fair enough? Now I’ll stop whining.
    Dear Fourth Ward Neighbors and Friends:

    As you may have heard, I am running for City Council in the 4th Ward Democratic primary, August 2. I am writing today to tell you why I’m running, where I stand on several issues and to ask for your support.

    In the 30 years I have lived in Ann Arbor, there have been some significant changes in our town, and the rate of change is accelerating. Sprawl surrounds us, roads are clogged, and neighborhoods are under pressure from development and traffic. Local businesses are struggling. The city budget is in deficit. Housing is becoming unaffordable. And the Huron River Watershed is at a tipping point caused by more and more impervious surface and less natural ground cover.

    As a lifelong Democrat and environmentalist, I would like to represent our Ward on City Council. My background: I’m an attorney. I have worked for the S.E. Michigan Transportation Authority and AATA. I spent 3 years working on recycling and solid waste issues as the Manager of Recycle Ann Arbor’s Re-Use Center. I am a member of the Ann Arbor Non-Motorized Transportation Planning Committee. I worked on getting traffic-calming for our neighborhood. I’ve been involved in environmental initiatives from the Bottle Bill to the Greenbelt. I was a member of the Ann Arbor Housing Board of Appeals and am currently a member of the Ann Arbor Planning Commission.

    Planning for orderly and sustainable future growth is the challenge of our day if we are to maintain our city and environment. I also believe that the decision-making process should be open and inclusive and not conducted behind closed doors.

    Several steps need to be taken promptly. Our Natural Features Ordinance has recently been strengthened, but more needs to be done. Our zoning ordinances need revision to better protect our neighborhoods and the watershed from over-development. Downtown zoning needs to be simplified and changed in order to allow mixed uses, including residential uses. Downtown density should be increased, but without destroying the character of downtown that we all love. Non-motorized transportation and public transportation need more attention. The city’s affordable housing resolution should be strengthened to give the city more latitude and give developers more incentive to create affordable housing. Cooperation with the university, county and townships on planning issues must be improved.

    And foremost, citizens must have a significant voice on all of these issues. With a limited budget, we must choose our priorities and, together, decide how to proceed. As a member of City Council I will be accessible and responsive to my neighbors as we work to improve our community.

    But to get there, I need your help. If you believe, as I do, that City Council needs stronger neighborhood voices and our ward needs more effective leadership, please vote for me in the August 2 primary.

    Thanks for your help and encouragement.

    Best regards

    Eric Lipson
       —Eric Lipson    Jul. 24 '05 - 02:38PM    #
  9. Eric,

    I’ve just posted the questionnaire and answers – I apologize for the delay, and assure you that it was not motivated out of a desire to help Higgins and Kang over you and Rapundalo, but was mostly just a product of this being the first block of time I’ve had to sit down and do the formatting and post it. The pace of the whole site has been slow over the past few weeks; the risk of a volunteer press is that the volunteers end up getting distracted for a while and nothing happens.

    And thanks for posting the letter; I’ll link to that comment from the questionnaire post in lieu of a campaign website (since I’m only aware of Eugene’s, his is the only one linked right now).
       —Murph.    Jul. 24 '05 - 02:53PM    #