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Student anti-MCRI group takes shape

18. July 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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U-M students working since the beginning of the year are joining with statewide anti-MCRI group One United Michigan (formerly, Citizens for a United Michigan) this Tuesday to launch their public campaign against the initiative which would end affirmative action in Michigan’s public institutions. A statewide referendum will be held in November of 2006.

The group, which has yet to take a name, is comprised of many who were involved in the 2003 efforts of Students Supporting Affirmative Action, best remembered for its ‘M-Justice’ shirts. Below is the e-mail sent to the membership. It should be noted that this new group is electing to work independently of BAMN, which has been working actively on the issue for some years, and which claims credit for the recent supreme court victory.


Tuesday (19th) in Detroit at the AFSCME building (see below)—support affirmative action!

4:30pm press conference!
Wear your M-Justice shirt if you have one!!
Email stephanielilychang(at) or call 734.751.9814 if you’re coming please!:-)

5:00pm public briefing!
Get the updates on what’s going on with the MCRI, the campaign to defeat the MCRI, and how you can get involved!

7:00pm young adult committee meeting (ages 18-35?)
Email shelbyri(at) to RSVP
NOTE: There will be another student-specific meeting in a few weeks, for info email amoffett(at)

Join us Tuesday July 19th:
Michigan is coming together to support affirmative action.

Who:One United Michigan
What:Public Briefing on Defeating the Anti-Affirmative Action Amendment.
When:Tuesday, July 19th, 2005 5:00pm
Where:AFSCME Auditorium
600 W. Lafayette
Detroit, Michigan

The Constitutional Amendment backed by California businessman Ward Connerly puts an immediate end to affirmative action programs in Michigan.

The Connerly amendment says it will end “preferential treatment” based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin. Don’t be fooled. What the amendment will really do is end opportunities for women and minorities to have equal access to education, jobs, and contracts in Michigan.

Join us July 19th to learn how to get involved!

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