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19. July 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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Interesting stories include a St. Mary’s parishoner’s outrage at a local pizza shop for being LGBT-friendly (and an editorial on the same subject), news of a ‘major artist’ coming to campus in the fall (and an editorial on the same subject), and notes on the DDA’s new plans for downtown parking (and an editorial on the same subject).

From ‘Un-paving paradise: Plan to develop surface lots would reduce sprawl’

While Ann Arbor has never been too concerned with the appearance of its skyline, aesthetics do matter in maintaining a welcoming city that attracts visitors and makes its residents proud. Even the most ghastly of 21st-century architecture would be an improvement on the black and yellow asphalt fields dotted with towering light poles that are strewn across downtown Ann Arbor. Greenway proponents will likely take this argument further and demand that many of these lots instead be converted into parks, but in doing so they are overlooking the important benefits that development would bring to both the city and Ann Arbor residents.

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  1. wait. do i actually have three post in a row?
       —Matt Hollerbach    Jul. 19 '05 - 03:45AM    #
  2. They’ve got an opinion on everything, don’t they? I dig the editorial on NYPD, though the opening and closing deserve a stronger middle. The timely and informative comment by “greyseeker” on the year-old Alma Wheeler Smith thread coincidentally shows that Shirvell has been reading this site for that long, so, if you still are, Andrew, grow up.
       —Murph.    Jul. 19 '05 - 12:39PM    #
  3. i’m sorry, that lead on the nypd edit is fucking hysterical (noah v. andrew shrivell)...bravo, summer edit board, bravo…

    -an impressed ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 19 '05 - 02:47PM    #
  4. What’s up with the Daily? It must have been a slow news day. One person from a local church (who does have much support from his fellow parishoners) makes complaint about the rainbow flag is enough for a front page story. The author should have gotten more than one person who supported Shirvell, if another person existed. I am sure the people at NYPD love the free advertising.
       —Sekou Benson    Jul. 20 '05 - 05:26AM    #