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Saturday: Art Ain't Fair

20. July 2005 • Brandon
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Before you head over to The Bang! on Saturday, stop over at Natural Canvas Gallery & Studios:

3pm. $3. 3 Stages. Come on by and take a bite outta real A2 artists and
musicians in their prime.

ACOUSTIC STAGE (outside with th’ small mammals): Thom Elliot’s
Shakespearian dedication of the new sculpture garden(!), Actual Birds,
Aleise Barnett, Patrick Elkins, Sean Hoen (of the Holy Fire, no less!),
Mistylyn, Catch a Wave, and Jason Voss

NOISE/EXPERIMENTAL STAGE (in the everlovin’ basement): Drafted by
Minotaurs, Ronen Goldstein, Pedal Ophelia, Torpedo! (feat. Ryan Dawson and
Mike Young), Vince Swain, and Fearless Kevin Morris and the Xylophobes

MAIN STAGE (Because every wannabe festival has to have one): Black Sky,
Dabenport, Gerhard the Whale, The Intentions/A2 Dub Project, The Matt
Jones Band, and Zombie Gutz


Ryan Wilson – paintings (headliner!)
Jason Graham – sculpture (flew in from th’ Left Coast!)
John Hoder – paintings
Amy E. Ingalls – temporal visual textures
Janella James – mirrors
Max Mollhagen-Jaxa – comics/sequential art
Laura Mullkoff – ceramics
Christopher Pierce – objects/sculpture
Lyman Rhodes – photography
Naia Venturi – puppets/marionettes
Chadness Willi – paintings/tattoos available(!)
Jamie Zapor – paintings/ceramics/always last in line

  1. Hey! There is an awesome sale going on during Art Fair too.
    Arbor Vitae Loft-Panoramic Graphics & Estate Sale!
    During Art Fair hours, you can get collectibles, antiques, books, and Rich Ahern’s prints (including some nice scenes of Ann Arbor!)
    Find it above Wazoo records (next to Ashley’s & Bivouac) on the 3rd floor.
       —Lizz    Jul. 21 '05 - 02:08AM    #
  2. Umm… and this Thursday, this or this Friday, and this Sunday. And I know of several private parties.

    I think we’ll all just get through art fair by drinking and enjoying real art, it seems.
       —Brandon    Jul. 21 '05 - 03:25AM    #
  3. aww, crap. No HTML. All of those “this”s above were supposed to be links. But just look at the Local Events to the right for the gist.
       —Brandon    Jul. 21 '05 - 03:26AM    #