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Wal-Mart Faces Sex Discrimination Suit

22. June 2004 • Ari Paul
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A Federal Court will hear a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart on allegations of sex discrimination.

The BBC reports:

The judge’s decision means the case now involves up to 1.6 million women who have worked for Wal-Mart since 1998.

It is the biggest civil rights case against a private employer in US legal history, the plaintiffs’ lawyers say….

It alleged that Wal-Mart systematically paid women less than men and passed them over for promotion.

San Francisco-based judge Martin Jenkins dismissed Wal-Mart’s argument that a class action lawsuit would be too unwieldy.

“Up till now, Wal-Mart has never faced a trial like this,” said Brad Seligman, the lead counsel for the women.

“Lawsuits by individual women had no more effect than a pinprick. Now, however, the playing field has been levelled. Wal-Mart will face the combined power of 1.6 million women in court,” said Mr Seligman in a statement on the Impact Fund website, a campaign group backing the women.

  1. Are you making fun of T.J.’s Lord? !!!
       —David Boyle    Jun. 22 '04 - 09:26PM    #
  2. jesus, like buddah, allah, zoratster, and jimmy stewart would all save at a trip to a discount store…

    objectivity is deck,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jun. 22 '04 - 09:29PM    #
  3. Wow, Ari, you are a piece of shit.
       —T.J.    Jun. 22 '04 - 10:39PM    #
  4. Do you want to know how it feels to see things like that image?


    That stuff is “deck,” right Ari?
    Please tell me you are rolling on the floor! These pictures are FUNNY, right?
       —T.J.    Jun. 22 '04 - 10:58PM    #
  5. TJ, I’m worried about you. Seek help.
       —Scott T.    Jun. 22 '04 - 11:25PM    #
  6. Why?

    I thought we were posting really offensive images and laughing about them? What did I miss?
       —T.J.    Jun. 22 '04 - 11:36PM    #
  7. A smiling Jesus with thumbs up is hardly on-par with a picture of a lynched African American. You are a very disturbed mental midget. You should definitely seek help, or at least a long walk off a short pier.
       —Eric Goldberg    Jun. 23 '04 - 02:11AM    #
  8. Who are you to tell me how offensive that picture is?

    Have you ever read the Bible? Do you know how serious it is to desecrate the image of Christ?

    I realize you and Ari are both liberals and Jews, and as such you don’t respect Christ, Christians and you don’t know right from wrong. I realize that for you guys, Christ symbolizes white oppression or whatever it is that you insane whack jobs think that justifies depicting God as a cartoon character that shops at WalMart.

    But I thought you liberal pigs were supposed to be the “tolerant” ones? I thought you liberal pigs were all about “diversity” and “respecting the viewpoints of others?”

    And then you do disgusting things like this and throw a fit when someone posts pictures that are equally disgusting to others?

    Fuck you.

    I would tell you to go to hell, but by posting and defending sacreligous things like this, you are clearly already on your way.
       —T.J.    Jun. 23 '04 - 03:39AM    #
  9. T.J.-
    You are a disgrace to true Christians. I’ve been watching your comments for quite some time with bemusement and horror, but I didn’t really feel it necessary to deign to respond to your insanity. A tip for you, son: don’t go down the religion route. You aren’t equipped to handle it, seeing as you can’t handle a civil exchange of ideas. You have not only made a total ass of yourself at every turn, but have also proved yourself as perhaps the most un-Christian person discussion participant on this site. Despite our enormous ideological differences, I can feel sympathy for you, but not when purport to be a true follower of Jesus’ teachings; you are clearly not, and I cannot tolerate that.

    Before you start foaming at the mouth and plotting your next immature ad hominem campaign, know a this about me: I am not a liberal in the conventional sense of the word (although it would seem that anyone left of yourself is a “pig”). I know how much people unlike yourself get your undies in a bundle, so I thought I’d clarify that. So, anyway, please now respond in the most hateful way that you can (and have before), proving to everyone on this site how thoroughly hypocritical you can be. Or, try a little tolerance yourself and some courtesy, while you’re at it.

    I look forward to reading your response, though I might not respond to it for a while. I generally do not have the time to engage in dialogue with such angry, self-righteous people, but if you can pull off a semi-intelligent response, I promise I’ll write back. I have a feeling, however, that you will continue to showcase your lunacy to us.

    Good day,

    P.S. Would you be so kind as to provide a link to your blog? I understand you have one, and I would like to try and comprehend where you are coming from.
       —N.P.    Jun. 23 '04 - 09:33AM    #
  10. Funnily enough, this Jesus poster doesn’t offend me as much as hearing what Wal-Mart have been doing to underpay their workers to the point where they can hardly even shop at Wal-Mart. But then I have spent most of my life in a country where back in the day the most famous graffito on the streets read “JESUS SAVES: KEEGAN SCORES ON THE REBOUND” (that’s a reference to a soccer star of the past, by the way).
       —TheaLogie    Jun. 23 '04 - 10:21AM    #
  11. While I am Jewish by heritage, I was raised Catholic, and am an atheist. Then again, someone who says that Muslims all worship a god of hate and death would assume too much about just about anyone, no doubt.

    Teej, you’re more fun (and less witty) than a barrel full of monkeys. I want to buy you a costume and invite you to parties to perform.
       —Eric Goldberg    Jun. 23 '04 - 10:31AM    #
  12. Also, no one on this board “throws a fit” besides you, Teej. Scott and I just pointed out how mentally unstable / unformed you are. So far, though, you have called people pieces of shit, and said ‘fuck you’ in this very thread. Hah.

    Loving thy neighbor (and thy mom),
       —Eric Goldberg    Jun. 23 '04 - 10:33AM    #
  13. N.P.—T.J. has published websites at a few URLs that I know of, given below:—blog, looks abandoned.—looks like nobody’s home, used to feature a blog.—he hates somebody?

       —Brian    Jun. 23 '04 - 12:27PM    #
  14. Wow, what were they putting in the coffee in Ann Arbor this morning?

    Besides, hasn’t anyone here seen “Dogma?” That’s the Buddy Christ from the “Catholicism WOW” campaign.
       —Nick    Jun. 23 '04 - 02:11PM    #
  15. Thank you, Brian.

    “Since I have retired from arguing with idiots on the internet, I have a bit more free time.”

    Looks like a relapse, although I find that many of the contributors/editors on AU are quite intelligent. Of course, TJ does not share my view.

    It is interesting to see the Republican Party under “Rationalists” on his page. This indicates a fundamental lack of philosophical grounding on teej’s part. American conservative ideals are drawn more from pragmatism. I abhor this particular school of thought, although if you are reading Mister Wharry, know that I hate Democrats just as much. Bipartisantry is a joke; our two-party system has failed us as a nation. I am sure that teej will come back at me with some bullshit anecdotal evidence or some silly plea to his religion, but in the end, he is the same as the very people he detests…except Ann Arbor liberal pigs/scum/filth are more fun to talk to.

    Anyhoo, thanks again…TJ’s blogspot page is quite illuminating, if not up to date. Oh TJ, your politics are too cute…
       —N.P.    Jun. 23 '04 - 02:53PM    #
  16. Oh, TJ, TJ, TJ. So much professed love for Christ, so little adherence to his teachings. Who said that if a man strikes you on one cheek, you should offer the other to him? Perhaps you’d be better as one of those Jews who seem to vex you so, TJ. At least they still get the wrathful covenant God.
       —js    Jun. 23 '04 - 02:57PM    #
  17. I’m impressed; his “I hate you” page was created in Microsoft FrontPage 4.0. It’s so complex and well laid-out, that it’s no wonder he had to use a complex graphical editor to create it!

    Two thumbs up,
       —Eric Goldberg    Jun. 23 '04 - 04:15PM    #
  18. Hilarious.

    Someone posts an insanely offensive image, but because it’s supposed to depict Christ and not some heathen liberal god, because it’s associated with being white or whatever your whacked out justification is, you think it’s fine. But I post some equally offensive links just to illustrate what it feels like to have something that is important to you insulted so classlessly, and you throw your tantrums and attack me personally.

    N.P., congrats, you can do a Google search. Way to go. I am so impressed.

    If you were man enough to just ask me, I would have given you/posted the links myself. I have nothing to hide, unlike yourself. (N.P…hmmm… Neworder Pagan? Narcoleptic Pedophile? Nubian Pigeater?)

    I put up the Ricardo Perez page to make Janelle laugh when she was having a bad day. I’m sorry I didn’t spend a weekend making some elaborate Fireworks/Dreamweaver masterpiece, Goldberg (you twit), but my girlfriend was upset and I wanted to cheer her up in a hurry. Sue me for being a kind hearted boyfriend. Go fuck yourself.

    Beyond that, I told Janelle about the obscene filth that Ari posted, and the heathen mockery that followed from you fools.

    After the defense of partial birth abortions, where you fiends justified pulling babies heads out of their mothers, then crushing and puncturing their skulls before sucking their brains out in an undefenseable, sadistic form of ritual torture, she was sickened.

    Now, the very people that preach “tolerance,” the people who speak so highly of “diversity” go and post something that attacks and insults the beliefs of 33% of the world’s population. Somehow, you think that it’s ok to do that. I guess you think that because it’s Christ and not Allah or some minority deity that it’s OK and justified.

    In reality, it just shows the hatred and racism of the liberal mind. You preach tolerance and diversity, but it’s only because you think you are superior to them. When it comes to something that, in your mind, represents whiteness (I assume because the founders of this country and the colonizers of the New World were all white Christians), you are threatened and thus feel justified in attacking it.


    When I saw Ari’s link, I was sickened by it. My blood boiled and I thought to myself “I wonder what would be said if I posted something equally offensive.” I posted it, though it hurt me to see those images, to prove a point. My point was clearly proven, and the people who responded really showed their asses. Congratulations, you made fools of yourselves.

    Anyway, when I showed Janelle the filth that Ari posted, she got very sad. She said that she didn’t want to see ArborUpdate or hear about the filth that you mongrels post here because it made her sad and ashamed that she goes to school with you people.

    Janelle is the sweetest girl in the world, she would never say anything mean spirited to anyone (ask anyone who knows her).

    For all my outspokenness and bluster, she is quiet and reserved. I am the type to punch you in the mouth when you hit me, Janelle is the type to keep her mouth shut. They say opposites attract, and I guess that’s true.

    So for her to say something like that, for her to finally open her mouth and tell me that she doesn’t want me to come here and see these soulless mongrels, this utter filth post these vile things…well…it means something.

    I am going to do what she wants because her love means more to me than your hate.

    I will pray for you all, though I fear it is hopeless.
       —T.J.    Jun. 23 '04 - 05:03PM    #
  19. Uh-oh, guys.. Looks like we might have made the Teejmeister take another vow of two weeks of silence.. Maybe as a replacement clown, we should hire someone to drop excrement 10 ten feet down on a keyboard, and post the keystrokes, which no doubt will be more coherent and based in reality than T.J.’s words of wisdom.

       —Eric Goldberg    Jun. 23 '04 - 05:10PM    #
  20. T.J., are you and Janelle married?Or are you living in sin before the eyes of the lord?
       —Anon.    Jun. 23 '04 - 06:42PM    #
  21. I hate to drag this out of the cliche book, but: we’re all fundamentally decent people, I imagine, so let’s just all calm down.

    The Jesus picture is dopey, but I somewhow doubt Ari meant any real harm by it.
       —David Boyle    Jun. 23 '04 - 07:24PM    #
  22. Explain to me, sir, in more lucid terms how WE have made fools of ourselves.

    It’s lovely how you incorporate your lady friend into every other comment you make. Very sweet, yet not exactly a substitute for good ole fashion logic.

    I found your response to be substantial only in length, and as a measure of your apparent psychosis. Congratulations on expressing utter nonsense. In the future, I’ll remember that you can’t properly follow a gentlemanly argument to its end.

    I really don’t have any sort of time to be commenting the shite that you deem an appropriate response, but hey, you’re still more entertaining than you’ll ever know, and I’ll be sure to stay a loyal fan.

    -Neworder Pagan…I quite like the sound of that
       —N.P.    Jun. 23 '04 - 08:39PM    #