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Starbucks fires union organizer

5. August 2005 • MarkDilley
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Continue the community pressure at the Sbux Location where union member, Sarah Bender, was unjustly fired on May 28th.

Shall we start to consider starting something here around this issue?

via IWW

  1. Is this one of the ones in Ann Arbor? One of the two that stand athwart Liberty Street’s downtown approaches, daring people to venture there without buying some delicious Starbucks coffee, which I haven’t, by the way?

    I’d certainly like to learn more.
       —Lazaro    Aug. 5 '05 - 12:36PM    #
  2. If you follow the link, it looks like it’s an NYC Starbucks.
       —Scott Trudeau    Aug. 5 '05 - 02:03PM    #
  3. Starbucks tastes like charcoal.
       —Brandon    Aug. 5 '05 - 02:58PM    #
  4. At the University of Pittsburgh, where there’s a Starbucks a few blocks from campus but a 7-11 right on campus, it’s said that the 7-11’s coffee is better (though i’ve never had either).
       —[libcat]    Aug. 6 '05 - 06:43PM    #