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Huge developments proposed

23. June 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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Crosswinds is proposing a huge development just south of Milan. The plan could bring as many as 9,000 residences and 30,000 new residents (more than 6 times the population of Milan, a quarter the population of Ann Arbor)—and would also include commercial and industrial properties. The 4000 acre site is a 30 minute drive south of Ann Arbor and well outside of the proposed ‘’greenbelt area.’‘ From the Ann Arbor News:

> 9,000 homes possible Development near Milan may bring 30,000 residents
> Proposed 9,000-home development draws questions

And a proposal one tenth of this size is proposed near Dexter village:

> Developer proposes 800-home project near Dexter village

  1. “Oswald said the company is offering the community a chance for planned growth. “This area is ready for some smart good growth rather than some haphazard development. This could be a planned community – environmentally friendly and financially responsible,” Oswald said.”

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
       —Brandon    Jun. 23 '04 - 01:25AM    #
  2. 30k people sounds high for 9k houses…3.33 people/household, while Monroe averages 2.69 and Washtenaw 2.49.

    I do think it’s the case that this “offers a chance” for good growth—but I don’t think that’s high on the developer’s list of priorities. I’ll believe it when they build everything they say they’re going to in a mixed-use sort of way on half that land area with a good, cul-de-sac free road network, excellent ped/bike infrastructure, space set aside in the center for schools, contribute money to commuter transit service, and build a variety of housing unit sizes and styles to accomodate a wide range of incomes.

    But I think I’ll be disappointed. Even if the developer did want to do it that way, the township wouldn’t let ‘em.
       —Murph    Jun. 24 '04 - 11:55AM    #