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Anti-War Vigils Tonight

17. August 2005 • Rob Goodspeed
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MoveOn PAC is sponsoring thousands of anti-war vigils across the country. Two are in Ann Arbor tonight:

North U and State (7:30 pm)

In front of People’s Food Co-Op in Kerrytown (7 pm)

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  1. Rob,

    I have a large “Stop Crucifying Palestine” sign which I would like to wear to these anti-war events tonight.

    As you know, I would also like to flyer the event for divestment from the Israeli military.

    Contrary to all other ArborUpdate readers, I view the murder (without trial) of 4,000 Palestinians, by the Israei army’s tanks, missiles, jet bombers, and soldiers to be a “War”.

    Yes, a “War on Palestine”.

    Paid for by our tax dollars, billions each year, to Israel.


    Is there a consensus on ArborUpdate that the “War on Palestine” is really NOT a war, and therefore that Palestine signs must not enter the sacred ground of “anti-war” protests?

    Is this posting, against the War on Palestine, viewed as “off-topic”, as the topic is war in the Middle East?

    Waitining for your reply, and for the organizers’ reply.
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 18 '05 - 11:57AM    #
  2. I’ll be there, Sweetie. And you wear that adorable sign!

    I’ll be wearing those low-cut jeans you like so much.
    —The Dude

    Please get e-mail!
       —Parking Structure Dude! (Parking Structures, Dude)    Aug. 18 '05 - 01:00PM    #
  3. are those the same fliers that borrow the imagry from the “jews crucified christ” myth??? i heard they had a lot of anti-semitic overtones…

    just me,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Aug. 18 '05 - 01:31PM    #
  4. Ari-

    To answer your question:

    The Roman government, of course, crucified Jesus. Nobody else had the power to crucify anybody.

    Today, U.S. tax dollars are crucifying Palestine.

    In my opinion.

    So I’m for divesting from the state of Israel.

    * I’m trying to send you a copy of the flyer if you want to post it for the information of Arbor Update readers.

    The flyer does criticize the state of Israel—a state which will be abolished as an apartheid state, in my opinion (as South Africa was) and that is all.

    Is that allowed at the vigils tonight?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 18 '05 - 02:04PM    #