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UM Places 10th in Alternative College Rankings

23. August 2005 • Brandon
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The University of Michigan is ranked 10th among national universities in the Washington Monthly College Guide , while Princeton, ranked first in the latest US News ratings, places 44th.

The first question we asked was, what does America need from its universities? From this starting point, we came up with three central criteria: Universities should be engines of social mobility, they should produce the academic minds and scientific research that advance knowledge and drive economic growth, and they should inculcate and encourage an ethic of service. We designed our evaluation system accordingly.

  1. Does U of M in Ann Arbor have any campus programming for children interested in math and science related field (especially FEMALE children)? My husband & I have an 8 year old daughter & reside in Toledo, and it is not too early to begin researching her future. Thank you! Lady Phoenix
       —Lady Phoenix    Aug. 25 '05 - 08:32PM    #
  2. Here are a few links. Most of these are for junior high and high school-aged students, but it will give you an idea of what is available.

    Women in Science and Engineering
    Camp CAEN Summer Computer Camp
    Grace Hopper Project
    Michigan Math and Science Scholars
    Summer Engineering Exploration Camp
    Summer Science Academy
    Architecture and Urban Planning Summer Discovery Program
    Michigan Debate Summer Program

    Article on why women shy away from careers math and science.
       —Juliew    Aug. 25 '05 - 09:01PM    #
  3. Juliew, thank you so much :)
       —Lady Phoenix    Aug. 25 '05 - 09:10PM    #
  4. Lady Phoenix –
    I was a student at Camp CAEN, that Juliew mentions, when I was 15, and a counselor at 20 – I’d recommend that, though 8 is still young for that particular program. I actually think that they’ve, in the past few years, introduced a separate track for girls: the kids have two classes, one morning and one afternoon, and I believe the idea was to offer an option where girls would be mixed with boys for one of the two classes, and then separate out for the other (and have female instructors) to avoid gender intimidation.
       —Murph    Aug. 26 '05 - 03:00AM    #