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Skate Park Action Committee Launches Blog

26. August 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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Dug Song tipped us off to a new blog and web site launched by the Ann Arbor Skatepark Action Committee:, “a coalition of parents, skaters, teachers, business and community leaders, dedicated to the development of a public skatepark in Ann Arbor.”

Update:Apologies for the dupe. Head cold & robitussin…

  1. Head cold? Good to know that I’m not the only one suffering from one at the moment.
       —eston    Aug. 27 '05 - 02:32AM    #
  2. Okay, so that makes four Ann Arborites who work with web technologies and have head colds… suspicious. Yes. Very.
       —Matt Hampel    Aug. 27 '05 - 02:22PM    #