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MSA VP resigns

29. August 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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MSA VP Alicia Benavides has resigned her position with an e-mail sent to the body of the student government. Full e-mail contained below.


We regret to inform you that Alicia Benavides has resigned her position as MSA Vice President, effective August 29, 2005. There will be additional information at the first Assmebly meeting regarding how and when the position may be filled.

Alicia has enjoyed her tenure and remains enthusiastic about MSA but, for personal reasons, felt the need to resign her position.

This is a personal matter. We ask that you refrain from sharing your own assumptions in a public way(group emails, comments to the Daily, etc.). Thanks in advance for respecting our wishes.

Anyone interested in being considered for the position, please make that known to Jesse by emailing him ( in 500 words or less outlining why you are interested in the position. Please find the job description attached.


Alicia Benavides and Jesse Levine