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This Weekend: Music Festivals for Renter/Student Advocacy

1. September 2005 • Brandon
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29 bands and solo acts from Ann Arbor and beyond come together this weekend to raise funds for the New West Side Association and Ann Arbor Alliance (and just have a good time).

Sunday, September 4

Monday, September 5

  1. is “arbourfest” a typo or some faux-british po-mo hipster thing?

    save the city,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Sep. 1 '05 - 01:15PM    #
  2. It’s really more an inside poke-fun reference to the “European feel” folks and the “Annarbour” signs… you may have noticed Ypsi-ites often spell Annarbour in such a way when snickering at our Bohemian-Bourgeoise. All in good fun, though—I dig plenty of things about this town yet.
       —Brandon    Sep. 1 '05 - 02:50PM    #
  3. For those who weren’t there, I pity the fools. Both events were smash hits, aided in no small part by many volunteers, the bands, and our favorite sustainable brewers.

    Next up, a candidate forum in October?
       —Dale    Sep. 6 '05 - 06:38PM    #
  4. Dang straight. Several-hundred (Dale, do we have a better estimate?) attendees on Monday donated over a thousand dollars to the cause, and only minor logistical/technical problems. Next-stop: a decent website and more photocopies?

    Next year: the Blind Pig(?!)
       —Brandon    Sep. 7 '05 - 08:45PM    #