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Mary Beth Doyle trial

4. September 2005 • MarkDilley
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“The trial for the man that caused the death of Mary Beth Doyle was held in Lenawee Circuit Court August 25th. Paul Bradley Ramsey, the driver of the car that caused the accident pleaded guilty to negligent homicide after being offered the promise of no jail time, maybe probation, but he would not have to report to the probation dept. because they told him [according to the Adrian Daily Telegram] that he could pay his fines and go to China were he claims to be a missionary.

Mary Beth’s family and I had agreed to drop the manslaughter charge if he plead guilty to negligent homicide. What we did not know was that the the prosecutor had offered this get out of jail free card.

If anyone would like to help to reverse this sentance they should send a letter to:

Judge Timothy Pickard
425 N. Main St.
Adrian MI 49221
File No.05-11650-FH

to make him aware of her impact on the planet we live on and profound affect her death has had on the lives of so many people

Anyone that would like to witness the sentencing is encouraged to come to the Rex B Martin Judicial Building on Sept 8th at 8:15Am 3rd floor Judge Timothy Pickards court room.

Please write!

David Keeney”

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  1. I am Mary Beth Doyle’s sister, Marnie. I am stunned and heartbroken because the man who ran my sister off the road on November 12, 2004 – the man who didn’t even stop his car to help her while she, as a result of his own deadly actions, lay dying – was offered a plea deal that lets him off with barely a consequence.

    I beg of Mary Beth’s Michigan friends to write to Judge Pickard since, from what I understand, it may be permissible for him to reject the plea bargain and to allow Mr. Ramsey to go to trial. Please let Judge Pickard know how important Mary Beth was to your community and how she always tried to help people and keep people safe.

    Unfortunately, time is of the essence since Mr. Ramsey’s sentencing hearing is this Thursday, September 8, 2005.

    Dave Keeney was kind enough to provide the name and address of the Judge, but I will repeat it here since I’m not sure how the comments section works (i.e. I’m not sure if my comment will be linked to Dave’s or not):

    Judge Timothy Pickard
    425 N. Main St.
    Adrian MI 49221
    File No.05-11650-FH

    Thank you all so very, very much for all that you have done for my sister.

    By the way, today is the 6th of September. Today is Mary Beth’s birthday. And I miss her so very, very much.

    Very truly yours,
       —Marnie Stedman    Sep. 6 '05 - 09:04PM    #
  2. I sent my letter today. Thoughts are with the family, friends and Dave.
       —Juli    Sep. 7 '05 - 08:45PM    #
  3. Hello to all,

    I knew Mary Beth in the 80’s while living in A2. I am stunned at the lack of punishment accorded the man who killed Mary Beth. Shame on the judge and the prosecutor.

    some missionary.

       —Drew Howard    Nov. 23 '05 - 04:04PM    #