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CBC locked out

9. September 2005 • MarkDilley
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One of the best things about growing up in the S.E. Michigan region is that we are a “Border Town,” meaning we get all the good radio and tv from Canadian sources.

One of my favorites to listen to is a show on 89.9 after midnight, Brave New Waves

After trying to do so this evening I realized, after my panic apon hearing classical music, that the CBC workers are locked out of their jobs. Meaning, during negotiations, management just said, we are done. Don’t come to work.

So the programming is filled with reruns, fluff and syndicated shows they can get from the BBC. The workers, who put the news and cultural programs are putting up their own amazing media:

Here are their web sites:

> CBC on the line

> CBC unplugged

  1. The irony of living in Detroit is that I can get TVO, CBC, Univision, and Arabic language radio over the air, but Michigan Radio and PBS are out of range.
       —Hillary    Sep. 12 '05 - 07:16PM    #
  2. why did CBC lock out all its workers? just because they wanted new staff on a contract basis instead of full time?? thats so retarded, they shouldn’t care; they should be happy they have people willing to work full time.
       —Paris    Oct. 6 '05 - 11:46PM    #