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Nazis Spark "Rioting" in Nearby Toledo

16. October 2005 • Ari Paul
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“A neo-Nazi group’s scheduled march against “black crime” in Toledo, Ohio, sparked rioting Saturday afternoon,” The Cable News Network reports tonight.

It goes on:

Toledo Mayor Jack Ford declared a state of emergency and asked for 50 highway patrol officers to reinforce Toledo police. An 8 p.m. curfew will be in effect for people “roaming around the streets,” he said.(Watch neo-Nazi protests turn violent)

He also blamed gang members for the violence, saying it turned into “exactly what they wanted,” referring to the Nazi group. Ford said he had appealed to the community Friday night to ignore the Nazi march.

It’s not clear why the National Socialist Movement chose north Toledo for its march, said Ford, himself African-American. “It is not a neighborhood where you have a lot of friction in the first place,” he said.

The NSM promotes itself as America’s Nazi Party and said that it was protesting black gangs, which it claimed were harassing white residents. The group said it had received support from Toledo’s white citizens and community activists.

A spokesman for the group, Bill White, blamed the riot on Toledo police, saying the police intentionally changed the group’s march route to make it collide with a counter-demonstration.

  1. Blacks looting? Who would’ve guessed.

    I guess “free speech” is a thing of the past now?

    Why didn’t the cops round up the troublemakers and allow the NSM to exercise their right to assemble, and speak freely?
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 16 '05 - 03:27AM    #
  2. Hey, that’s racist.
       —David Boyle    Oct. 16 '05 - 04:21AM    #
  3. Read all about the riot, and more, here:
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 16 '05 - 04:48AM    #
  4. I find it so hilarious that the Nazis cloak their racist agenda under the banner of “protecting white citizens.”

    No, they’re marching in support of racism and anti-semitism. The original Nazis claimed their revokation of Jewish rights and the genocide of Jews and anyone else deemed “undesirable” was all in the name of “German protection.” This is the same shit, just a different smell.

    By the way, National Vanguard is not a magazine. It’s a propaganda forum. But, please Jim, let’s argue. Your true colors will come out sooner or later.
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 16 '05 - 06:43AM    #
  5. If a few law-abiding white nationalist dudes with signs and uniforms just showing-up gets hundreds of niggers to hurling rocks and rioting, doesn’t it prove the white dudes’ case?
       —Seth    Oct. 16 '05 - 07:32AM    #
  6. A Toledo blogger covering the “event” provides his perspective. The weekly Toledo Free Press newspaper has pics. A Toledo City Councilman who blogs was near the scene Saturday and provides a recap. And it naturally became a hot discussion topic at Toledo Talk on Saturday, although talk about the event began more than a week ago. One Toledo blogger finds humor in all the mess.

    Just an FYI, some Nazis have been posting to these blogs, including Bill White leader of the Roanoke, VA National Socialist Movement (NSM) unit who was in Toledo on Saturday.
       —jr    Oct. 16 '05 - 04:29PM    #
  7. Holy Toledo, if 50 law-abiding neo-nazis (not KKK) can get 100s of niggers rioting and looting just by appearing, then the neo-nazis can destroy any city! The neo-nazis didn’t go marching into an all-black neighborhood. The blacks went rioting into a Polish American neighborhood; they burned a white-owned bar, looted at least one white family’s home, destroyed a white-owned gas-station – after the neo-nazis left.
       —Seth    Oct. 16 '05 - 05:31PM    #
  8. uh, Seth, your use of the N-word caused me to do a double-take and wonder whether I had wandered into an area I wasn’t accustomed to being. But then I thought that you must just be employing the voice of the racists you are attempting to satirize.

    As sometimes both sarcasm and satire aren’t easily discernable through this medium, perhaps you could do me a favor and clarify whether I need to take my sarcasm-detector in for service…
       —Michael    Oct. 16 '05 - 06:34PM    #
  9. Seth, your language is inappropriate and thoroughly unwelcome in this forum.
       —Murph    Oct. 16 '05 - 06:55PM    #


    This will be a LIVE call-in show!!
    Since the so-called “main stream” media refuses to accurately report the situation in Toledo, I have offered this time to Bill White—FREE. If the show is swamped with calls, I WILL permit it to go a SECOND hour – FREE.

    Please spread the word to racially-conscious white people everywhere. Tune-in to the Turner Radio Network at 8:00 PM Eastern Time for a live broadcast concerning Toledo.


    -Yankee Jim
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 16 '05 - 07:50PM    #
  11. On another note, I wonder if Jeb Bush would have granted a permit and provide police protection to the NAACP if they wanted to march against ‘Racial Profiling’ in Naples, Florida…..
       —Michael    Oct. 16 '05 - 07:59PM    #
  12. The whole point of the Nazi “march” was not in anyone’s “rights” but to provoke people. There’s a difference between marching and protesting a specific policy and marching to piss off a whole lot of people and provoke confrontation.

    The Nazis weren’t there for a bake sale. They were most probably NOT carrying signs saying, “Love thy neighbor.”

    I’ll make a bet their signs and slogans threatened violence and hatred. Nazis aren’t known for being hospitable.

    I’m curious about why we didn’t see any pictures of what THEY did to contribute to what happened. That would certainly provide context to the situation.
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 16 '05 - 10:17PM    #
  13. There are pictures of the marchers’ signs all over the MSM websites. Provide specifics about what the provocations were. You admit you don’t know what the signs said. While they did have swastikas, they didn’t call for action against minorities. Anti-racist groups got the gang-bangers involved by telling them that white-supremecists were showing up, but draw a young black male a swastika and he’ll just spit a “whass dat?” before asking you to buy some weed. The march became an anti-white bongo party, a la Cincinnatti riots, a la LA riots.
       —Seth    Oct. 17 '05 - 12:57AM    #
  14. I figured now would be a good a time as any to remind White people about the Zebra Killings.

    What’s that…you never heard of the Zebra Killings?

    Maybe NOW you understand why you’ve never heard of them!

    More non-White on White crime statistics here:

    Swear off of jewish controlled television, and you’ll learn a lot!
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 17 '05 - 01:55AM    #
  15. Wow, some real good old fashioned racism here in your comments. The kind you teach your kids about. The kind that sends a chill of creepy horror up your spine. In any case, anyone who thinks that brown-shirted Nazis with signs that don’t say “kill all Black people” have any other goal in mind needs to get a life. Think a little.
       —bp    Oct. 17 '05 - 01:56AM    #
  16. first, oops sorry, think I left a blank comment.

    Now, what I wanted to say (ask really) is do you have a total free open comment section here at AU? I mean never before, with all the stupid shit that has been written in this forum, have I ever wished the ‘powers that be’ of this website delete comments. This time I really wish that you would just get rid of the racist crap some people have posted. If they can’t post without being racist, then just delete their comments. If they can actually have a real discussion about the issues, then let any voice be heard.
       —Just a Voice    Oct. 17 '05 - 02:36AM    #
  17. The new “contributors” to this forum are using an approach very simolar to the neo-nazis in Toledo.

    They go into a place where they’re clearly not welcome, and they stink it up until the people there raise an objection to the smell.

    Then they wax indignant, saying, “What smell? It’s not from us. It was already like that before we got here.”

    But they only convince each other.

    Everybody else knows that everything smelled just fine before the uninvited visitors arrived.
       —Michael    Oct. 17 '05 - 02:46AM    #
  18. This time I really wish that you would just get rid of the racist crap some people have posted. If they can’t post without being racist, then just delete their comments. If they can actually have a real discussion about the issues, then let any voice be heard.

    This seems to be the Nazi’s “real” discussion about these issues. Ignoring and deleting their racism won’t make it go away. But it looks like a lot of people are taking a step away from this thread.
       —Matt Hampel    Oct. 17 '05 - 03:26AM    #
  19. It’s obvious that since the white supremecists were obeying the law and not inciting violence, they shouldn’t be the issue – the violence started after they left. None of them were arrested.

    The issue is who did the looting, burning, assaulting – and what justice they will face. It doesn’t matter what messages and images their bootay/crack/crunk/ribs/bling/spinner-rimmed bonobo-brains mooshed together as the reason.

    Typically, those who don’t like the obvious conclusion call for censorship, as they censor the ongoing riot of black violence that’s turning the old Polish neighborhood into a ghetto.
       —Seth    Oct. 17 '05 - 03:29AM    #
  20. I’m thinking instead of deleting the offensive, bone-headed remarks here we should instead start a fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center or similar anti-racist cause… A pledge drive, for every racist post by Seth , Jim, and friends $X to an anti-racist cause?

    I’m in for $1/comment up to at least $50… Anyone with me? I count 8 so far …
       —Scott Trudeau    Oct. 17 '05 - 04:06AM    #
  21. I’m a poor student, but I’ll give $10 when it hits 11.
       —Matt Hampel    Oct. 17 '05 - 04:15AM    #
  22. “bootay”? “crunk”? “bonobo”?

    Do the KKKs and Skinheads use these words when they play Scrabble?

    Scrabble – The Skinhead Edition

    Players probably have to roll up the sleeves on their robes to avoid dragging them across and disturbing the tiles as they place their words on the board…hehehe

    But they can play with their hoods on!

    HA! ha…ha…

    Just trying to serve up a little fun to go with the extremism…

    (I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be joking with these guys. I hope I didn’t use my real name. No, just used my first. That’s good. There’s a lot of white people named that, too…)
       —Michael    Oct. 17 '05 - 04:22AM    #
  23. Scott Trudeau & “just a voice”...what’s the matter? Can’t deal with the TRUTH???!!! What country do you two fools live in? In America…we’re still free to call a nigger, a nigger!

    People in Toledo finally got the chance to see real niggers acting like REAL NIGGERS…and not like the unreal Huxtables! Can’t deal with reality? IT’S REAL PAL! There’s gonna be a lot more of it in the future too pal! (Typical nigger behavior)

    Anyone interested in REAL FREE SPEECH? If so…take a look:

    Of you’re easily “offended” hearing niggers being referred to as niggers…don’t even waste your time.
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 17 '05 - 04:59AM    #
  24. Sunday was the first time I posted to this site, but I’ve been following Arbor Update for a few months now. I’m especially interested in your regional development news, since I’m in nearby Toledo. So at times, I link to Arbor Udate postings from Toledo Talk.

    This Arbor Update thread started Saturday, but by Sunday morning it was showing up on the first or second results page of Google’s blog search. Obviously, the Nazi fans are searching for sites that mention the Toledo riot, and then they post their trash if commenting is allowed.

    At Toledo Talk, a user has to create an account in order to post topics and comments. On Saturday night, I disabled new user sign-up for a few days. I’m allowing the few Nazis that recently signed up to continue to post, but it seemed like their rhetoric at Toledo Talk had already slowed down by Sunday afternoon. They’re probably too busy trolling through other websites.
       —jr    Oct. 17 '05 - 05:35AM    #
  25. OK, as a card carrying member of the ACLU, I’ve got to stick my neck out and insist that even bigots have the right to post their tripe unedited on bastions of free speech like Arbor Update.

    That being said, I agree with Michael. Fascists win when we lose our cool and lower ourselves to their level of discourse. I can’t help but think they have nothing better to do after an event like this than troll blogs and stir up ill-will in an attempt to make themselves feel oppressed.

    A quick reality check, and some historical notes:

    Why do riots happen in poor black neighborhoods? Well, perhaps it has something to do with structural inequality. According to the Toledo Blade:

    “David Lewis, 35, a Wal-Mart employee who has been living on Bronson since 1979, said frustrations have been mounting for years because of a lack of city services in North Toledo.

    “My question is: What do we do tomorrow?” he asked. “The source of the problem is you have not put something in the neighborhood to help kids. Nobody’s addressing the real situation.” ”

    In the same way LA wasn’t so much about Rodney King as it was about years of police brutality and Black poverty, Toledo wasn’t about Nazis as it was about poor people with no way out.

    (oh, and a fascist factual error: the gas station wasn’t white owned—the owner was a sikh. glad the teams are so clear for these assholes)

    So, a few quick reminders of white violence in America:

    Let’s remember the Greensboro massacre in ‘79, where a nice little tea party of klansmen and nazis massacred five unarmed trade unionists, civil rights activists, and communist organizers, probably with the acquiesence of the police.

    (We won’t even BEGIN to talk about Southern white violence, so let’s keep it up North, shall we?)
    Let’s remember the Gage Park and Cicero riots outside of Chicago in the early 50’s, where Martin Luther King’s non-violent march for neighborhood integration was met with “miles” of violent whites who rioted for several days and nights.

    Lastly, let’s keep it local, and talk about the SERIES of Detroit neighborhood riots from the 30’s to the 50’s. Whites had organized their neighborhoods such that if ever a black family paid the astronomically inflated price for a house outside the ghetto, ten year old boys would hop on their bikes and inform the neighborhood. by evening, a mob usually assembled, began throwing bricks and stones, burning effigies, crosses, and…the house. the cops, of course, were no help, and black families were forced to rely on friends from the UAW who would guard the porch with shotguns.
    (see the greensboro massacre. fascists and racists generally hate that whole ‘solidarity’ thing.)
    Check out Sugrue’s Origins of the Urban Crisis for a great narrative on this movement.

    So quick poll—how many folks here have heard about the Cicero and Gage riots compared to, say, Watts or Detroit riots?

    Yep, the “Jewish media” sure did a great job hiding all that from us.

    The lesson is that fascists and racists are flatly interested in violence. the only variable is whether they have enough power to practice it openly.



    “All you fascists better realize,
    the people of this world are getting organized,
    you’re bound to lose…”
       —Bates    Oct. 17 '05 - 05:40AM    #
  26. I hate Illinois Nazis.

    Boy, Seth and Jim just seem like they’re mad that their sisters like the big, black cock. Or maybe their mothers. Just think about that, Seth and Jim, your mom getting that big black cock and finally understanding what your dad couldn’t give ‘em, what they’ve been missing for all these years.
    Big black cock. Kinda explains why you’re so worried about them being criminal and stupid— even if they live up to the worst stereotypes you can muster, they’re still bigger men than you are… That must sting…
       —js    Oct. 17 '05 - 05:54AM    #
  27. “Jewish controlled television.” Damn, I just hoped they didn’t bring that up!

    Now, I’m gonna have to call my cousin Lenny, the Head of the Jewish Controlled Media, and tell him the Nazis are on to our little scheme.

    Or not.

    Because when you believe in bullshit like a “Jewish controlled media” you’ll also believe the bullshit notion that the black residents of Toledo were just looking for a reason to riot, as put forth by the fascist commenters here.

    I’m sorry, but no one was looting until the Nazis showed up. And Seth, I never claimed I saw what the signs said.

    But a “simple” swastika is provocation enough for some. Because the swastika represents racism, anti-semitism, concentration camps, medical experimentation, injustice, fascism, mass graves, crematoria, ghettoes, gas chambers, and every other atrocity that was commited by the ideological grandparents of these neo-Nazis.

    You post it right here and now and tell everyone that the Nazis in Toledo had a peaceful message. They didn’t incite hate and genocide against Jews, African Americans, and other “undesirables.” You tell me that. And you back it up with proof.

    Because, to be honest, when you march into someone else’s neighborhood and tell them you want to kill them, they’re not going to sit tight and want to have tea with you.
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 17 '05 - 09:00AM    #
  28. All right, Scott, I’m in for up to $50 – mine’s going to Detroit MOSES , only because I don’t know what the equivalent organization in Toledo is.

    My time is worth too much to devote any more of it to these twerps than just counting up their comments and writing a check…
       —Murph.    Oct. 17 '05 - 01:40PM    #
  29. As a regular reader of this blog and an Ann Arbor area resident, I find these hateful posts to be good eye-openers to the readers, like myself, who never get exposed to opinions and people like this; it’s a good reality check to the world we live in. I know I can feel easily sheltered by Ann Arbor and the uber-politically correct culture, so posts like those above offer a necessary jolt that hate exists strongly, and things aren’t happy and nice. I’d be disappointed of the above posts were deleted. I’ve had enough sheltering.
       —Tyler    Oct. 17 '05 - 01:55PM    #
  30. There’s no MOSES-like entity (Gameliel Foundation affiliate) in Toledo. There is, however, a Toledo branch of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now):

    There are Gamaliel affiliates in Cincinnati, Youngstown, and Cleveland (one of them staffed by my old boss).

    I’m a poor student, so I’ll kick in $20. Hell, I’ll even volunteer to coordinate donations. Email me when you send your check, and i’ll post a final count at the end of the week.
       —Bates    Oct. 17 '05 - 03:51PM    #
  31. dasbates at umich dot edu
       —Bates    Oct. 17 '05 - 03:53PM    #
  32. Scott,

    you da man. I love your idea. When this thread is over, I’ll throw some cash to a good group. A wonderful suggestion!!
       —Just a Voice    Oct. 17 '05 - 06:18PM    #
  33. Well put, Tyler. Because of my sheltering, I also needed a reality check. At first, I misinterpreted their posts as satire. But they quickly corrected any misunderstandings, as they continued to proudly represent hatred and ignorance in its purest form.
       —Michael    Oct. 17 '05 - 06:33PM    #
  34. White riot, I wanna riot, white riot, a riot of my own…
       —js    Oct. 17 '05 - 06:50PM    #
  35. for background:

    take the skinheads bowling,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Oct. 17 '05 - 07:51PM    #
  36. Listen to Hal Turner interview Bill White of the NSM.


    Listen as Bill White from the National Socialist Movement tells you what REALLY happened before, during and after the riots in Toldo, OH this past Saturday!
    The truth you get here is very different from the spin and outright lies reported by the so-called “main stream media!”
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 18 '05 - 05:33AM    #
  37. Jim: As someone who’s interested in the ongoing funding of non-profit resistance to racism, I say: Please keep posting here!
    I’ll give you something to work with: I find many black musicians entertaining, and I particularly enjoy “rap” and “hip hop.” What should I, as a white man of Germanic extraction, do to curb this dangerous affection? I know I should hate them, Jim, but I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one!
       —js    Oct. 18 '05 - 05:57AM    #
  38. Man, further, even if you are a racist, I don’t see why anyone would support either the hackneyed bastardization of evolution purported to be behind Hitler’s philosophy, or the corporatism and totalitarian aspects of fascism. I mean, I can get behind some of the “let’s get Germany/Italy’s economy on the mend” stuff, but have you ever read the Fascist Manifesto by Mussolini? Who’d want to live there? And Christ, I’d respect you guys more if you’d model yourselves on the Futurists, who endorsed fascism but only because they saw violence and war as the triumph of machinated and accelerated culture.
       —js    Oct. 18 '05 - 06:00AM    #
  39. Call me crazy, but Jim is sounding a lot like Blaine . . . (not suggesting Blaine is a neo-Nazi, but it seems they went to the same “How to debate” school)
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 18 '05 - 06:11AM    #
  40. The “nazi” posters who dared blame the riot on the rioters, are in good company from mainstream, even liberal, sources. A sample: (page down)
    (page down to b & w cartoon),8599,1118339,00.html (police avoided mass arrests to avoid a hail of bullets from the black thugs)
       —Seth    Oct. 18 '05 - 06:40AM    #
  41. Look, no one is saying, “good job rioters for messing stuff up.” We’re just saying the Nazis share the blame for what happened.

    They were the provocation.
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 18 '05 - 06:48AM    #
  42. Go go Sethbot!
    The “liberal” media? And Malkin? She’s a blow-up doll for Tucker Carlson’s jerk sessions.
    And wow, riots? It’s almost like years of poverty and racism in America leads to violence… But far be it from Seth to advocate for structural changes. Better to just keep knockin’ niggers down and then playing the martyr when they fight back.
       —js    Oct. 18 '05 - 09:03AM    #
  43. Mr. Leshkevich, I’ve looked at some of your other postings on the net. I see you were posting as “YANKEE JIM” at

    There, you seem to be agreeing with another poster that it is a good strategy to avoid the use of racial slurs and epiteths with newcomers, as it may scare them off. Apparently you both felt that you could “suck them in” by acting like half-way decent human beings for a little while, before they find out later what true a-holes you really are.

    You further agree with your fellow racist’s strategy that its a good idea to answer the newbie’s “stupid questions” in a “professional, caring manner”.

    I was wondering why you deviated from this strategy in post#23 of this thread, where you used plenty of racial slurs in exposing your nasty vile self for the whole world to see. Why did you change your recruiting strategy from earlier this year?

    Did you have a bit too much to drink before posting #23?

    Or maybe you were just in a bad mood after discovering something similar to what js suggested at #26. Did you just find out that a female member of your family was enjoying newfound sexual satisfaction with a penis that’s a different color than yours?

    Please respond to clear up all of this idle speculation…
       —Michael    Oct. 18 '05 - 02:17PM    #
  44. Michael said: “Mr. Leshkevich, I’ve looked at some of your other postings on the net. I see you were posting as “YANKEE JIM” at

    There, you seem to be agreeing with another poster that it is a good strategy to avoid the use of racial slurs and epiteths with newcomers, as it may scare them off.”

    Michael…what’s the point in living in a “free” country…and not being “allowed” to call a nigger, a “nigger”?

    What would YOU prefer me to call the savage niggers in Toledo who were beating innocent Whites and burning and looting? Would it make you feel better if I sugar coated it and referred to the savage niggers as “African-Americans”? How about “people of color”? “blacks”? Maybe this week they’re calling themselves “Afro-Americans” again?

    Hey Michael…when Chris Rock uses the word “nigger” in every other line of his comedy act…are you as “offended”? Do you wring your hands like a little bitch and worry that his “bruthas” are going to be “offended” by his words? (I think I know how you’ll answer this one)

    Remember this Michael…a niggah, ain’t nuthin’ but a fuckin’ niggah! If you didn’t learn that after the OJ case…you got a lot of learning to do! I hope you don’t get “educated” in the next savagedome.
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 18 '05 - 03:01PM    #
  45. Listening to NPR, I wonder if perhaps their pledge drives would work better if Charity Nebbe adopted js’ style of fundraising…

    It would certainly make pledge breaks more entertaining if what you were pledging was dollars-per-crackpot and Charity spent the breaks trolling.
       —Murph.    Oct. 18 '05 - 03:05PM    #
  46. Who’s keeping count here, btw?

    Good effort, Jim. Keep those dollars coming toward healing our racial divide .
       —Murph.    Oct. 18 '05 - 03:09PM    #
  47. Hey Murph…do you think Toledo, or Detroit will be the next South Africa?

    What’s that…you say you weren’t aware of any of this?
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 18 '05 - 03:18PM    #
  48. Great idea on the fundraising! I’m glad to see something positive come from an otherwise ill-looking thread.

    Michael, thanks for the bits of comic relief, even though I was already having a good laugh at the irony of guys named Seth (a good old Hebrew name!) and Leshkevich (the Americanized form of Leszkiewicz – Eastern Bloc Jewish) spouting neo-nazi garbage…
       —FAA    Oct. 18 '05 - 04:04PM    #
  49. Hey Jim, glad to see you returned, even though it’s costing me money. I looked for a charity that would guarantee that they supported giving big black dick to white women, but unfortunately all of my google searches have been fruitless. Perhaps you could look around for some big black dicks in white chicks for me, as you certainly seem to be dedicated to healing the racial divide.

    To answer your question, Jim, though you barely articulated it: “Hey Michael…when Chris Rock uses the word “nigger” in every other line of his comedy act…are you as “offended”? Do you wring your hands like a little bitch and worry that his “bruthas” are going to be “offended” by his words? (I think I know how you’ll answer this one),” I think that it’s important to understand what a difference in power means with regard to language. By calling black people “niggers,” African Americans subvert your use of the word into an implicit critique of your racism. I know that’s pretty heady for someone that’s soused on Coors Light and frantically masturbating to Prussian Blue (in a couple of years, those girls will be old enough for black dick, Jim. Luckily, they don’t have to worry about you white supremacists splitting them open, because if you had anything to swing you wouldn’t be so concerned with black guys).

    As for your other question, about wanting this to become another South Africa, I am delighted by your use of irony. Perhaps you recall, Jim, that an apartheid state was built on institutionalized racism and that the current troubles are more likely related to attempts to keep society segregated and racist than they are to the African National Congress’s governmental policies.
    I have to assume that this irony was intentional, Jim, as clearly Haiti or Rwanda would have been a better choice for black failed states. But then again, you probably anticipated the rational rebuttal of post-colonialism and wanted to be as over-the-top as possible. Huzzah, Jim. I only hope you’re not trolling us…

    To summarize (since I know that white people often have a hard time reading full paragraphs, at least evidenced by yourself and Seth): Prussian Blue are just waiting for some big black dick before they go and make real rock ‘n’ roll, or (even better) rap. Maybe they’ll even do a slow jam for all you honkeys with tiny little penises.
       —js    Oct. 18 '05 - 06:13PM    #
  50. Don’t go overboard js :D

    Prussian Blue are pretty scary though. Mary-Kate and Ashley meet Eva Braun…
       —David Boyle    Oct. 18 '05 - 06:31PM    #
  51. By my count, Seth and Jim have so far raised $52 for anti-racist causes throughout the midwest (13 posts x 4 funders).

    Please keep posting. I work at a non-profit and we desperately need the cash.
       —Bates    Oct. 18 '05 - 06:58PM    #
  52. Damn! js, I would prefer that you substitute the word “racists” for the words “white people” and “honkeys” in your last paragraph.

    Otherwise, I might think you were referring to me. (As I defensively glance down between my legs.)

    But of course, that would go against the point of your. . . uh . vivid critique of Mr. Leshkevich’s position, right?

    So your choice of words was just an oversight, right?

    I mean, if you were also making stereotypical statements against a race of people, then the point you were making with the . . uh . . erotic imagery of your arguments against racism would be lost, right?
       —Michael    Oct. 18 '05 - 07:31PM    #
  53. Michael: Heh. I thought for Jim, making the argument about black people using nigger, that a white man using honky would be instructive.
       —js    Oct. 18 '05 - 07:36PM    #
  54. Whew! Thanks js. At first I thought that was the *second time in this thread I had initially misunderstood which way a poster “leans”. :-)
       —Michael    Oct. 18 '05 - 07:44PM    #
  55. That does it. I’m taking my sarcasm detector into the shop, first thing in the morning.
       —Michael    Oct. 18 '05 - 07:49PM    #
  56. Bates,

    Thanks for keeping score. Will you remember to remind us all around the first of the month so the first round of checks can go out?
       —Scott Trudeau    Oct. 18 '05 - 08:11PM    #
  57. wow, its only going to cost me $13, wow, I hope those racist pigs start posting more, I bugeted at least 25 (and was worried it might be more) when I agreed to that.

    Wow, what nice friendly racists saving me all the money!
       —Just a Voice    Oct. 18 '05 - 08:35PM    #
  58. Wait . . . what’s Prussian Blue?
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 19 '05 - 12:48AM    #
  59. Two little blond haired blue eyed twelve year old girls who play instruments and sing songs laced with white supremacy “talking points”. Really weird. I had to google, as I hadn’t heard of them either.
       —Michael    Oct. 19 '05 - 01:41AM    #
  60. I’m in up to $25.
       —Dale    Oct. 19 '05 - 01:58AM    #
  61. Make SURE you self hating White PATHETIC clowns tune in to the Hal Turner Show tonight!

    Below is just one of the many examples of REAL free speech that you’ll hear!
    Hey…why don’t some of you nigger lovers call in and explain why it is that you worship the nigger so much!

    Listen as Bill White, an organizer of an anti-crime event in Toledo, tells you what REALLY happened before, during and after the riots in Toledo, OH this past Saturday!
    The truth you get here is very different from the spin and outright lies reported by the so-called “main stream media!”
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 03:24PM    #
  62. You sound bitter, Mr. Leshkevich. And you never answered my question from #43 as to why you changed your recruiting approach. So I can only conclude that js must have been on to something in #26 and #49 as to the reason for your bitterness.

    So which one “went black and never looked back”?

    Was it your sister? Your mother? Both?!

    But they still let you hit it when their “dark” lover’s not around, don’t they?
       —Michael    Oct. 19 '05 - 04:36PM    #
  63. I live 3 blocks away from the park where everyone was assembled and I was there as the riot took place. Just as a reference point, I am a 20 year old white female. The neighborhood in question does not have race relations within itself. Sure people of different races fight and argue, but so do people of the same race. The fights and violence prior to the rally on the 15th were not a race problem, they were simply a people problem. Every community has these people problems, but it seems that there were more there simply because in that neighborhood there are more people living together in a small amount of space.

    I have also seen the police in this neighborhood treat people of differnt races completly different. I could sit on my porch with 8 of my white friends and not be hassled, but a blck down the street 9 black or mexican people could be on a porch and the police will stop and go up and “make sure everything is ok”. If you ask me this is an unfair practice and th police are harassing people simply because of their race. What could they be doing that I couldn’t just because of their race. Granted, I am happy to not be bothered by the police, but I also feel that other people should be given that same respect. The neighbor is actually quite friendly and I know most people on my street if just from passing by and saying hello. I am not scared in my neighborhood nor would I say there is a huge gang problem.

    The media has unfairly represented a neighborhood that had a rich history and it very connected through it’s people. The gangs are not taking over the city and people for the most part get along. The group of people had no right to destroy property but I believe some in the group found no other option as effective to get the attention of the world to notice the great injustices being perpetrated upon them. People in the crowd were upset at the unequal police protection and treatment. Why is one group being protected while the rest of the people are being told to go home or they will be gassed. People were not gassed because of violence, they were gassed to make them go home, the violence started after they were gassed and shot with wooden bullets. Any human can identify with being treated unfairly, but image if that is what your whole life consisted of…... it is not a pretty situation and desperate times can lead to desperate measures. What I believe needs to be done is to asnwer the cries of desperation we have seen this past weekend and help the disadvantaged and those who have lost hope.
       —Jessica    Oct. 19 '05 - 04:46PM    #
  64. Jim: I thought I was already clear about that. I worship the nigger because I’m a self-hating white man in desperate need of you to post here more. You’re the only thing keeping me from building a 30-foot shrine to Mohammed Ali (you might remember him as Cassius Clay). Or perhaps Joe Louis, patron saint of Detroit, who whupped so many white boys that I no longer wanted to be one.
    Anyway, Jim, as a German I can say that I find your defense of inferior races like Irish and Norwegian disappointing. Ein volk, ein blut, ein glauben, etc. But what should I expect from someone obviously of Slavic descent. I mean, Jeez, you’re like the blacks of Central Europe. You’re one step up from Hungarian, and we all know how they are— nearly Turkish.

    (Oh, and by the way, thanks Jessica. That was a great comment.)
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 05:18PM    #
  65. Thanks for your thoughtful, informed, and enlightened comment, Jessica.
       —Scott Trudeau    Oct. 19 '05 - 05:21PM    #
  66. I’ve found a CDC that works in the neighborhood the neo-nazis marched through this weekend, and have set up a separate item for posting pledges .

    I’m transferring my pledge to the local CDC in order to provide the most local impact – and to funnel the dollars directly to the neighborhood the fascist twerps trashed.

    Google says that the aforementioned Bill White holds this particular CDC responsible for diluting a good, white, Polish neighborhood and turning it into a ghetto – so you know they’re the best place to send your money to annoy Bill.
       —Murph.    Oct. 19 '05 - 05:27PM    #

    Allegedly, the “holiest” day of the year for them. And tonight, guess what jews will be doing? Jews around the world will recite the Kol Nidre; a prayer which asks God to ANNUL all personal vows jews will make during the coming year!
    Yes, you read that correctly: Jews pray to God to NULLIFY the promises they may make in the coming year. So when a jew swears into public office, that vow is MEANINGLESS in the jews mind, because at the beginning of the year, he prayed to God that it be void. Hence, jews cannot be trusted. They pray in advance to get out of all vows! How can you trust someone who does such a thing?

    Live call in show tonight…looking forward to hearing a few of you nigger lovers call in! Tell Hal what’s on your mind, and more importantly…WHY you worship the nigger.
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 06:16PM    #
  68. Ummmmm… Wasn’t Yom Kippur last week? We’ll let this one slide – it’s hard keeping track of all those people you hate isn’t it?

    Oh, and $1 more. I’m in.
       —FAA    Oct. 19 '05 - 06:23PM    #
  69. Jim, Jim, Jim, it’s almost like you’re not even reading what we write. Luckily, you don’t know how to use the HTML editor on our site, so you’re not even increasing your page ranking.
    Hey, y’know what, Jim: James is a Jew name. And I believe we’ve already covered your inferior Slavic roots. I know you wish that you could be a real German, but since you can’t, you might find life easier if you commiserate with the rest of the lesser classes and work to elevate your backwards stock out of the horrible non-Deutscher mire…
    Maybe you should even encourage your daughters to go for some black dick. Mmm, black dick. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it, Jim?
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 06:24PM    #
  70. You say the “neonazis” trashed the neighborhood? That’s funny on the tv they looked like blacks. Were there black neonazis committing vandalism? Gee, that would be kind of interesting.

    Ari, what kind of name is Ari? Ari like Ari Fleischer the President’s former Jewish Press secretary? I guess Jews dont like neonazis. Well, neonazis are pretty powerless compared to Jews if you ask me but what do I know? Not much apparently which is why I have to turn to the Jewish newsmedia to tell me what to think and buy. I hear and obey O Israel.
       —Anthony Bright    Oct. 19 '05 - 06:31PM    #
  71. Put the blame where it belongs, with the rioters! Seems to me the white folks were just exercising their rights. A growing concern of mine is the radical nature of the tolerance movement. Seems to me they are the true fascists forcing upon us their ideas of multiculturalism. Anyone who stands up to the tolerance movement gets labelled as a racist. Now the tolerance advocates are using “hate laws” to seek longer imprisonment for our white brothers and sisters. Ethnocentrism is a fact of life and is vital for the progression of societies.
       —Max    Oct. 19 '05 - 06:54PM    #
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 07:27PM    #
  73. “I find it so hilarious that the Nazis cloak their racist agenda under the banner of “protecting white citizens.””

    But I’m sure you consider ‘protecting white citizens’ to be a racist agenda anyway.

    The neo-Nazis were protesting threats on the lives of the White residents weren’t they, thus making their march anti-racist? Those that oppose them simply cause they dress like Nazis (the ARA commies), were in fact supporting racism and I assure you, were only their to further their own cause. By getting the locals all riled up and even handing out weapons to them.

    It was the so-called Anti-racists that came into the area specifically to encourage the locals that are responsible for the damage. Otherwise they could have simply ignored the neos and their constitutionally protected right to goose-step, like the did the KKK in the past.
       —wg    Oct. 19 '05 - 07:44PM    #
  74. Here it is…the truth…well, my humble version:

    Yes, the NSM planned a “peaceful protest march” while carrying and wearing OBVIOUS symbols of hate and extremism.

    Yes, the “ARA” type people that were present to counter-protest MOST LIKELY provoked the anarchistic behavior.

    Quite frankly, the Constitution guarantees ones rights to free speech and thoughts, even those that a civilized society deems offensive.

    IMHO the blame for what occurred in Toledo should be shared by all of those involved; the NSM, ARA-types, and every single person who allowed themselves to be inspired by ignorance, and participated in the destruction of people’s property and disrupted the life of those not involved.
       —Thruthmonger    Oct. 19 '05 - 07:47PM    #
  75. (I count 19 so far…They don’t seem to understand this game.)
       —Murph.    Oct. 19 '05 - 07:52PM    #
  76. I don’t think the niggers rioting can be blamed at all. I mean…the niggers were just doing what niggers do, and always have done! How many times in the last 100 years or so have Whites rioted about anything? I think that’s why Whites are going to soon be a minority in our own country…because we DON’T riot!

    Hey…but there’s a good side to all this! When Whites become a “minority” in our own country…that will automatically make us eligible for “affirmative action” programs…right? *rolls eyes*

    Time to wake up White man!
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 08:03PM    #
  77. Aww, you guys do care! I know, I know, it was probably that you were searching for “big black dick” on Google and stumbled across the forum. But welcome!

    What kind of name is Anthony, anyway? It’s an Italian name, and as we all know, Italians are mostly blacks who snuck into Europe and displaced the noble Etruscans. Sounds like you’ve got some issues to deal with there, Max, before you even get into “the Jews.” And I bet that was Anthony Brightenstein before you emigrated. An Italian Jew, huh?

    Max: How brave of you to speak out against “tolerance.” It’s got that whole beautiful pro-negation thing going, that line of thought. I think that many people might agree with you and would be prone to be intolerant of your views, and argue that you should be quiet. Not me! Keep ‘em coming (though each one costs me a buck).
    Oh, and how many “racially pure” societies have survived and prospered, Maxipad? The Nazis did fuckall, and you don’t seem to have a firm grasp of genetics (or history or politics). It sure is hard bein’ a cracker though, innit? I mean, the incumbent responsibility of the majority means that people expect you not to be a fuckup. I really respect the way that you’re rebelling against that, Max. Keep fighting the good fight, proving that white people can-so be retarded!

    WG: “But I’m sure you consider ‘protecting white citizens’ to be a racist agenda anyway.”
    Gee, what would have given us that idea, chief? And the idea that white people need some sort of specific protection makes them seem kinda weak, don’t it? I mean, white people are the majority in this country. Minorities, well, I can see why minority views need protection (that’s why I’m against banning speeches from Neo-Nazis), but majorities? There’s a mathematical flaw in your reasoning, but I’ll let you work it out. Hint: it has to do with democracy.

    And further, if any of you would like to continue arguing that you have to defend the “white race,” I’d like to let you know (as a full-blooded German American), that I’m doing pretty well, thanks, and that if we wanna get strict, you folks of Irish, Slavic, Italian or even Catalonian or Gaulic descent aren’t proper white people anyway. And the Scandinavians are just retarded, inbred Germans. Sorry. Now go off to your National Front meeting and try to convince yourself that your suspenders and boots don’t make you really, really gay.
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 08:05PM    #
  78. Jim: How many times have white people rioted? You’ve never seen MSU win a sports game, have you? They even burn couches!
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 08:06PM    #
  79. I think this riot was exactly what needed to happen to show the nation that these niggers are trying to take the freedom of Whites. Also, the ARA needs to go suck on a big black dick.
       —hunky    Oct. 19 '05 - 08:24PM    #
  80. Trying to take the freedom of whites to do what? To have neo-nazi rallies? Man, get over it. Hitler shot himself. And quit pretending that sucking white dick makes you less gay.
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 08:32PM    #
  81. Great pictures of savage monkey men here:
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 08:36PM    #
  82. -JS
    using Ad hominem logical fallacies is not a good way to validate your points. Ethnocentrism is present in every culture. It is necessary for the social group to survive. Not only survive but preserve its history, culture, and many other aspects such as inherited genetic traits. This can be seen in many cases through history, a few for example would be “manifest destiny” in the United states which supported the extermination of native Americans as well as “the white mans burden” which supported Anglo-Saxon imperialism.
       —Max    Oct. 19 '05 - 08:46PM    #
  83. Max: Aw, you’re trying to argue! You’re so cute!
    Do you really want to argue the merits of “ethnocentrism”? Because the topic is really broad, and arguing that it’s always fundamentally good is, well, retarded. (You’ll also note that you’re using “ad hominem” incorrectly. If I say that we shouldn’t listen to you because you’re a racist, that’s an ad hominem fallacy. If I say that because you’re racist, you’re an idiot, that’s just an insult).
    First off, in-group adherence doesn’t need to be tied to ethnicity. You can look to naturalism or cultural chauvenism that exists without any sort of ethnic markers (France would be a good example). You can also note that ethnocentrism, as opposed to group identity, means that you’re blind to ideas that would otherwise become more successful. For example, a black man invented the traffic light. If we follow your thesis, we should hold that idea as inferior because it comes from an out-group source. Instead, the best solution for society is to weigh the idea on its merits and impliment it. Similarly, your argument for “preserving natural traits” is flawed. Stronger traits survive not because of a particular design, not due to teleology, but because they’re stronger. If the goal is survivability, then broad cross-breeding is to be valued. That’s why mutts have less health problems than purebred dogs. And if ideas and cultural traits are treated the same way, the most durable and important ones will survive by tautology: the traits that are the most durable remain by being durable.
    And finally, if you had any clue as to the nature of ethnic identity and genetic markers, you’d realize that ethnicity is almost purely a social construct. There is no scientific basis for the idea of “races” any more than there is for the idea of betting the same numbers repeatedly in a lottery. The fuzziness of genetic expression (especially in humans) maps nicely to the fuzziness of probablilistic outcomes.

    So, to bring things full circle, you’re wrong and advancing ideas that (while they may seem solid to you) are as ridiculous as phrenology and trepanning to anyone with an understanding of sociology or biology post-1939.
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:00PM    #
  84. to the yom kippur poster…the holiday was last week (first factual error) and secondly yom kippur is where jews ask god for forgiveness for sins that have occured in the past year (much like how christians also asked to be absolved for their sins) not annulling promises (second factual error, unless any of yall racists can find my versus and chapter where it says that in the torah)...

    so, to jim, seth and the other racists, your factuall inaccuracy on such simple topics undermines your accounts…this is just one example of how vnn and other hate sights use outright lies for their propaganda…

    like daniel patrick monyihan said, everyone is entitlted to their opinion, but not their own facts…

    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:04PM    #
  85. oh, and i’m putting some money towrads to the southern poverty law center, as well…

    long live Schwerner, Goodman, and and Chaney,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:07PM    #
  86. Max and JS…let’s try to remain focused on what the problem is here. The problem in Toledo and many other once White American cities is savage nigger BEASTS, along with their Mayor who tried to “negotiate” with savge nigger BEASTS!

    It didn’t take much at all for the JEW BACKED ARA and ISO to rattle their cages!

    As a great White man once said…”A nigga ain’t nuthin’ but a nigga!”
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:11PM    #
  87. Those black riots are nothing.

    Where I live, they really don’t celebrate the 4th of July anymore, but they do celebrate Cinco de Mayo for about 10 days, as well as Mexican Independence Day on September 16th for about 10 days.

    At sporting events where I live, they had to stop playing the National Anthem at the start of the event because the Mexicans booed, beat up the White people who stood and/or sang, and rioted. The newsmedia will not show the people what is coming.

    So I put these videos on CD to pass out to my neighbors, friends and family to show what’s coming.

    Cut and paste the following links.×240.wmv

    I suggest all of you start burning CDs like this, and do the same.

    Here is a picture of the CD cover.


    Video below of Mexican Communist Racists Assaulting Senior Citizens and tearing down American Flag.
     ”California is going to become a Hispanic state, and if anyone doesn’t like it they should leave.”
    [Ray Briem Show – May, 1998 – KIEV – Glendale, Calif.]
     Barbara Coe interviewing Obledo about Jose Angel Gutierrez
    [Tom Leykis Show – June 17, 1998]
     ”Eventually we will take over all the political institutions of California….” [Tom Leykis Show – June 17, 1998]
    Clinton awards this clown Obledo the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998 after he threatened to burn down Barbara Coe’s billboard in Blythe, California. Hillary approved. Belen Robles, then president of LULAC while on paid leave from the Customs service at taxpayer’s expense, lauded Obledo and Clinton.



    Deis y Seis Rally at Texas State Capitol
    News Coverage Roundup
       —Capt Jack Sparrow    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:13PM    #
  88. Jim: Again, I just can’t trust that you’re a white man with a name like James (Jew) Leshkevitch (Jew/Slav).
    Sorry, pal.
    (Since you don’t respond to anything I write, I’m not gonna bother with responding to what you write).
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:26PM    #
  89. Put me down for $1/per racist comment going to the Southern Poverty Law Center. I just got a raise. How about I give some of it to making the world a better place? Thanks for the inspiration, natzi idiots.
       —Erica Olsen    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:28PM    #
  90. GREAT COLLECTION you put together there Capt Jack Sparrow!

    I like how the scum jew backed ARA use the bongo drums to get the savage nigger BEASTS in the mood to riot and kill Whitey!

    These satanic jews have been using the savage non-Whites to do their dirty work since the beginning of time…NOTHING’S CHANGED!
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:34PM    #

    Live call in show tonight…looking forward to hearing a few of you nigger lovers call in! Tell Hal what’s on your mind, and more importantly…WHY you worship the nigger….ESPECIALLY YOU MS. OLSEN!

    Some of us need a good laugh…let’s hear those excuses by PATHETIC Whites for the savage nigger BEASTS who TERRORIZED a bunch of older White folks in Toledo this past weekend! Call in and make more of a fool of yourselves than you are here!
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:39PM    #
  92. Jim: You’re awesome! It’s like you don’t even read the comments at all and you think that by writing in that TABLOID CAPS style we’re gonna all become inbred like you! And you’re dedicated to the cause of raising cash for the SPLC! GO JIM!
    I think you’re sent here by anti-racists and are just playing a part. Canny, them. Run by Jews, I hear.
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:42PM    #
  93. (And thanks, Jim, for finally letting me troll for a cause I believe in. YOU’RE THE GREATEST!)
       —js    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:43PM    #
  94. Earlier someone said “long live Schwerner, Goodman, and and Chaney.”

    Now THERE were two kikes who got what they deserved! Actually…if Hitler really was gassing kikes…THAT would’ve been better!

    Too bad Hitler didn’t do what the kikes said he did!

    Did Six Million Really Die?
    Truth at Last–Exposed:
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:50PM    #
  95. First, You don’t impress anyone with your arrogant little comments at the beginning of your arguments. Also, yes i will agree with you that when we argue about ethnocentrism it is a broad topic, it always has been. Then again sociological discussions always are. They talk about society as a whole.
    Ethnicity refers to cultural heritage. Its obvious that cultural heritage is needed to solidify a social group. This brings about similar morals and ethics, rituals, and other factors necessary to be considered a main social group. Being preoccupied about ones own group’s survival is also necessary. It maintains a strong sense of unity and conformity. This in turn focuses most of the social groups attention on external competition(other cultures). You mentioned that genetic traits that are dominant are always “good” I think not. Dominance or recessive genes are determined by phenotype, not genotype. If you refer to disease as “bad” traits many many more are governed by genotype.
       —Max    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:53PM    #
  96. My above comment is directed at -JS
       —Max    Oct. 19 '05 - 09:54PM    #
  97. JS, you impress me.

    I wish you had a big, black cock I could suck.
       —Zigs    Oct. 19 '05 - 10:00PM    #
  98. Oh. Wow.

    First off, as a Jew (that’s right Jim, Seth, Max and co., I’m a HEEB) I must correct the completely incorrect statement made regarding Yom Kippur.

    Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement, was LAST WEEK, as noted by Ari. Secondly, your claims that Jews annull any vows given to them is a classic bullshit one given by anti-semites like yourselves. As Ari said, it is about asking G-d for forgiveness for sins committed in the previous year.

    Kol Nidre, Aramaic for “All vows” regards vows given to the individual (for him/herself, not for vows given to anyone or anything else). It is intended only for the individual, and asks for forgiveness so that the individual may not be judged for those personal vows.

    The prayer is 2000 years old, I can assure you that it is not intended for people to be relieved from all vows with people.

    As for all the racists/fascists/anti-semites posting here, with the exception of Max, you all need to start reading and responding to comments and not going off on tangents. That’s rhetoric and propaganda and no one will listen to you.

    I stand by my original claim: the Nazis don’t really care about anyone’s rights. Not even white people’s. The whole point of their “march” was to antagonize the local residents. Unfortunately, people played right into their hands. How were the white residents any safer after their march? What exactly have the marchers done for the white residents? Absolutely nothing. It’s all a facade, and no one should be tricked by it. They wanted to make the black residents angry, and it should be no surprise when the Nazis show up with swastikas blazing. They are racists, intent with only enslaving humanity. This lie about helping out other people is just bullshit, just like the rest of their pathetic dogma.

    I echo Ari’s sentiment of “long live Schwerner, Goodman, and and Chaney” (Schwerner actually went to MSU before transferring, ha! betcha didn’t know that).

    I also would like say long live to all the 127 Jewish Nobel laureates. It must really pain the Nazis to see more Jews win the Nobel prize than any other ethnic group.

    Guys, seriously, this whole Jewish-jealousy thing, it’s getting kinda old. Give it up.
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 19 '05 - 11:02PM    #
  99. I stand corrected: 166 Jewish Nobel laureates.
       —Jared Goldberg    Oct. 19 '05 - 11:03PM    #
  100. Jared Goldberg said: “They wanted to make the black residents angry, and it should be no surprise when the Nazis show up with swastikas blazing.”

    Niggers could give a fuck about Nazis, Swastikas, etc. Do you honestly expect anyone reading this to believe those jungle animals who were doing the rioting have any idea what national Socialism is all about?

    Now…when you have a bunch of ARA commie scum coming into town the night before…passing out fliers in the nigger neighborhoods stating that the “KKK” is coming to town….THAT they DO understand!

    Niggers are clueless, and could give a fuck about Nazis coming to town! As the entire White world witnessed during Katrina/New Orleans…niggers saw an opportunity to LOOT! Believe me…had the rioting gone on any longer than it did, the gang raping would’ve followed!

    Niggers fuck up EVERYTHING!
       —Jim Leshkevich    Oct. 19 '05 - 11:25PM    #
  101. So this poor guy Jim spends his entire life following the teachings of a Jew, only to draw a conclusion like “if Hitler really was gassing kikes…THAT would’ve been better!” Stupid mu’fucka. At least, I assume that labeling Judiasm as ‘satanic’ stems from a firm belief in Christianity. If I’m wrong, at least I can deal with black dick :).
       —Joe W    Oct. 19 '05 - 11:36PM    #
  102. To further the fund-raising effort, I’d like to introduce another topic for discussion. If any of you Nazis are staunch conservatives, what are your views on aborting non-white fetuses? Does the innocence of not yet being born trump the inevitable corruption that will result from not being born white?
       —Joe W    Oct. 20 '05 - 12:04AM    #
  103. guys, stop feeding the trolls…

    jesus was a black jewish socialist,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Oct. 20 '05 - 01:57AM    #
  104. Max: Why would I need to impress Nazis? They’re, like, the most intellectually bankrupt movement in modern history (aside from maybe the Khmer Rouge or Mao’s Cultural Revolution, but definitely dumber than even Stalinism).
    And I didn’t say that the genes that were dominant were “good.” I said that they were dominant. There’s no morality in genetics, something that”intelligent design” proponents don’t get.The dominant gene is the one that’s been the most passed on, and is highly correlated with environmental survival.
    But your argument that ethnicity is culture is patently false, as people claim ethnic heritage despite a lack of cultural connectivity. Hence “Irish-Americans,” and assimilation of, say, Scots into America following the Civil War.
    But again, cultures that limit their gene pools find either that they have a harder time adapting to environmental changes or that they increase the expression of detrimental recessive traits.
    And a similar effect can be seen throughout cultural interactions. The introduction of gunpower or tobacco or corn or potatoes all advantaged the groups engaged in the exchange. Arguing that the organizational benefits from in-group identity outweighed out-group contributions regarding new ideas is pretty patently absurd.
       —js    Oct. 20 '05 - 03:07AM    #
  105. Zigs: Can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not. Do we count you towards the charity cash?

    Jim: Maybe if you had a clue as to what National Socialism was about, I’d respect you more as an authority on the issue.
    But hey, I’ve read Mein Kampf and probably more speeches by Hitler than you have. Though I won’t pretend that I can read them in German (my Deutsch isn’t that good), I’d bet that I have a bigger Muttersprache vocabulary than you do.
       —js    Oct. 20 '05 - 03:16AM    #
  106. All of you are wrong. The solution is simple; everyone here will form a new government to gas everybody else: blacks, whites, democrats, republicans, poor people, rich people, soldiers, tree-huggers, Muslims, Jews, and Christians. It’s the Nazi party, remember? Gas them too, and from now on, whenever there’s any movement in the public, we’ll round up everyone and gas them. To prevent future turmoil, we’ll plot a chart of all people on the planet in respect to their resources, social status, and overall happiness with life; everyone within two standard deviations of the mean will live, everyone else must be gassed. Furthermore, of the remaining few, if a person feels belittled or resentful towards another person or group based on any criteria, all involved parties must be gassed – including the initial complainer for fairness.
    And when we begin to fight with each other, we’ll gas each other off by force and whoever is left last on the planet becomes God. Or just coexist or some shit like that, what ever works best for you.
       —Danielle    Oct. 20 '05 - 03:45AM    #
  107. JS-it was totally sarcasm! Sorry. I am truly admiring of your posts, no matter what Max says.
       —Zigs    Oct. 20 '05 - 04:03AM    #
  108. Uh, whites don’t riot? Please see post #28 for a local listing.
       —Bates    Oct. 20 '05 - 04:54AM    #
  109. Max: “Ethnocentrism is present in every culture. It is necessary for the social group to survive. Not only survive but preserve its history, culture, and many other aspects such as inherited genetic traits.”

    If Whites had an iota of the ethnocentrism of other races we wouldn’t be in this situation because we wouldn’t have allowed our countries to fall this far (Compare East Asian races who still have their homelands largely intact).

    Whites are individualistic which is probably the reason we do so well in a homogeneous environment, but in a multiracial one, it’s a potentially fatal flaw.
       —wg    Oct. 20 '05 - 02:59PM    #
  110. WG: Again, you’re dead wrong. Ethnocentrism, especially as tied to percieved racial heritage, has done so little good for anyone that it’s laughable. It’s as dumb as religious chauvenism, which has arguably killed even more people.
       —js    Oct. 20 '05 - 03:24PM    #
  111. I’m going to donate one dead rat for every racist comment and mail them here:

    213 Morgan Hill Rd
    Hurley, NY 12443-6013
       —Jack Gold    Oct. 20 '05 - 07:57PM    #
  112. JS-I agree that isolation never works in any society,I never said it did. look at what happened to China in the 15th century. Another interesting idea you present is killing. Killing is sometimes a necessary evil. The competition between social groups often leave casualties. But then again we are nothing more than pawns. Humans are expendable in the grand scheme of the social organism. Sometimes “evil” must take place for later “good”. Then again “good” is defined by the dominant social group while the “evil” defined by the lesser. I would like to note that aside from your smart ass little comments I have found your ideas to be interesting and thought provoking. Mao’s Cultural Revolution now that quite entertaining. Taking advantage of the rebellious youth. Then again many leaders take advantage of our primal or emotional responses.
       —Max    Oct. 20 '05 - 08:13PM    #
  113. js:
    “Again, you’re dead wrong. Ethnocentrism, especially as tied to percieved racial heritage, has done so little good for anyone that it’s laughable. It’s as dumb as religious chauvenism, which has arguably killed even more people.”

    Ethnocentrism is what has allowed minorities in White countries to gain disproportionate control of industries such the media and the industry that is politics.

    But more positively, ethnocentrism is what allows countries to remain homogenous, and preserves populations (ie, diversity).

    The fact that Whites have not preserved their countries nor achieved such representation in industries in non-White countries, combined with the fact that they are involved in all major racial/population clines, as well as developing ones, such as South American and South-East Asian ‘mestizo’ populations displays their lack of natural ethnocentrism. However, in extreme situations, it can be aroused.
       —wg    Oct. 22 '05 - 06:59AM    #
  114. “Ethnocentrism is what has allowed minorities in White countries to gain disproportionate control of industries such the media and the industry that is politics.”
    Wait.. Disproportionate control? Well, let’s look at that. Blacks are roughly 12 percent of the American population, according to the 2000 census (12.3). There is one black sentator, out of 100. 1%. In the House, there are 41 African-American representatives out of 435 reps. That’s 9%. What are you basing your arguments on? We can look at minority representation in Germany, France or any other Western country if you’d like, but the numbers there will further undermine your case. You’d also be hard pressed to prove that blacks make up more than 12% of the total media (especially within news bureaus, where a campaign in the 90s sought to raise the percentage of african americans to 7%).
    Wg, you must have forgotten that you’re not on a Stormfront board, that you can’t just assert bullshit without a shred of evidence.
       —js    Oct. 22 '05 - 07:11PM    #
  115. Well, as a white boy (x-military
    serving 12 yrs in the Army), I can say that not all blacks are bad. In fact- I know some would die for me. I grew up in Toledo- I can also say that they are a different breed up there- 90% are welfare drug ridden NIGGERS- with the sole purpose of collecting money for crack- among other NIGGER actins that they partake in. Although this may sound racial- it’s not- being black and being a NIGGER is 2 different things. And yes- gang members- especially gang members that live in Toledo are NIGGERS. Everytime I would go home to visit-Dor and Secor area my car would get broken into. I caught 2 of the little pubic haired monkeys breaking into my car on leave after returning from Korea. I grabbed one- wrestled the other one down- while the other gorrilla got away. It turns ot the this kid was 14- goes to show that NIGGERS WILL NEVER CHANGE! It’s a shame that they give the black community a bad name- but in toledo the ratio is 10% Nigger/90% black. I do no condone the KKK. I view most of them as white NIGGERS- which can be even worst. I do understand why they picked Toledo to riot in though- it’s the NIGGER cockroach fest of Ohio!
       —kippinski02    Nov. 12 '05 - 12:09AM    #
  116. To the people of good will in Toledo and surrounding Ohio communities:

    The racist Jim Lechkevich has been going full throttle here in the Hudson Valley for quite some time now. It’s unfortunate that he has also chosen your community to target with his vitriol. To your credit, it appears the people of good will in your community know how to deal with his ilk and have the wonderful idea to donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center for every racist comment Jim and his co-racists post in your local blog. Congratulations, you’re spirit is what built this inclusive multi-cultural society and will continue to strengthen it in the face of racist hate-filled garbage.

    Like many of you, I google’d YankeeJim/Jim Lechkevich and found a wealth of information, including the his home address in Hurley, NY, his home phone number, interesting facts on how he is a long-term chronically unemployed loser, busying him self raising a racist son to follow in his path, however, the internet did not reveal any photographs until today. The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and today in our local Hudson Valley papers there are photos of Jim standing next to Nazi brown shirt storm-troopers (looking like halloween poster children) during his ‘lets bring his form of racist nazism’ to his own local community.

    For those of you interested in seeing Jim in all his glory, you and find the newstories and AP pictures on the following websites:
       —Howard Schwartz    Nov. 20 '05 - 04:47PM    #
  117. For all you antis and ARA wannabes on here, here are a few pertinent facts to consider.

    Blacks have a 70% illegitmacy rate. This is way up from the 25% figure in 1964, the last year of the “bad old Jim Crow era” (BOO-HOO-HOO!)

    Blacks are responsible for a disporportionate amount of crime. This explains why blacks make up a disproportionate percentage of prison inmates.

    Whites love diversity so much that the suburbs of every major American city are overwhelmingly white.

    Yet you antis and ARA wannabes are so obsessed with “racism”. If we define racism as race-conscious, hell yes, I’m racist. It doesn’t mean I want to do any unprovoked harm to someone of another race. But people like myself, Seth, and Jim Leshkevich will not be silenced simply because you think we’re “racist”
       —Carl Loerbs    Nov. 22 '05 - 04:51AM    #
  118. Carl,
    How many black people are there in Anchorage, AK that you have chosen your life endeavor to slant statistics to make a BS point. Everything is not black & white or do you have difficulty seeing shades of grey. Are you one of Jim’s believers in the Master Race? It’s actually kind of sad that he actually believes the garbage he spews. But I guess, 10+ years of unemployment and living on the dole could put worm holes in just about anyone’s brain. How about you, how is weather watching up there in AK? It must be a real challenge. You might want to look into taking classes at the college and learn to be a Meterologist and get a dose of good old liberal tolerance while you’re at it. You might go somewhere one day in life.
       —Howard Schwartz    Nov. 24 '05 - 02:41AM    #
  119. Guys, guys, guys (and racist morons): I’ve already mailed my check. You’re not going to get any more money out of me by posting unsourced statistics or arguing for “race consciousness” or specious differences between blacks and “niggers.”
       —js    Nov. 24 '05 - 04:36PM    #