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Posted by Matt Hampel on 9. August 2008

Homeless Dave teeters with Jennifer Hackett of St Vinnie’s and talks about the needs of Ann Arbor’s homeless and the thrift store’s bag sale (this weekend!), among other things.

The Chicago Tribune notes that Ann Arbor’s fee for a new chicken permit is $20.

The internet finds the cup on a string phone and googly banana phone.

We’re beginning to flesh out the long-neglected Ypsilanti Public Schools and Ann Arbor Public Schools pages on Arborwiki. Your help is much appreciated.

The text of the Ann Arbor bike ordinance is posted on getDowntown (via WBWC)

Ypsi High has a tasty lunch menu.

City Council: Chicken, Chicken, who's got the Chicken

Posted by Juliew on 2. June 2008

Monday, June 2 at 7:00 pm (City Hall)
Ann Arbor City HallAgenda


  • Backyard chicken ordinances (most likely the final vote)
  • Resolution to approve conceptual plan to redesign Fifth Avenue and Division between Packard and Beakes to be more bicycle and pedestrian friendly
  • Resolution approving the court and police facilities capital improvement bonds

Also of interest are several public hearings at Tuesday’s Planning Commission Meeting.
Tuesday, June 3 7:00 pm (City Hall)

  • University Village Site Plan (South University on the Village Corner). A proposal to construct a mixed-use development (retail on first level, 342 residential dwellings units on rest of floors) consisting of one 25-story tower with two wings, 20 stories each, and a total of 259 parking spaces (235 underground)
  • Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance. The proposed changes would reduce front setback requirements, increase height limitations, and (for non-residential districts) allow greater floor area ratios
  • Proposed Citizen Participation Ordinance that addresses the implementation of an early notification stage for citizens. The purpose is to improve communications between real estate developers who are proposing projects, City staff who will be reviewing projects, and citizens who may be affected by their plans.

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City Council: Chicken Redux

Posted by Juliew on 5. May 2008

Monday, May 5 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallCity Council Agenda


  • Amendment to City Code giving pedestrians the right of way in marked crosswalks
  • Proposed 2008-2009 budget and property tax millage rates
  • Reconsideration of backyard chicken ordinances
  • Allocation of HOME funds for several projects
  • Approval of contract and agreement for upgrades to the Ann Arbor Airport
  • Liquor license transfers (from Romanoff’s Hall & Catering Service Inc. to Ann Arbor Lodging, L.L.C. and from escrow to Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burgers & Fries)

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City Council: Cluck Prevention

Posted by Juliew on 21. April 2008

Monday, April 21 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallCity Council Agenda


  • Broadway Historic District
  • HUD housing and human services needs one-year action plan
  • Lots of chicken-related ordinances
  • Recommendation to approve 2009-2014 Capital Improvements Plan
  • Vacating of Boulevard Heights Alley
  • Yield to pedestrian in crosswalk ordinance

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