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MSA: Winter 2005 Comm Chairs

8. December 2004

NOTE: Minority Affairs Commission [MAC] chair elections take place internally. This page will be updated once they have been completed.


December 7, 2004

Budget Priorities Committee [BPC]
Chair: Stu Wagner (stuwags)
Vice-Chair: Devesh Senapati (devesh)

Communication Committee [Comm]
Chair: Justin Paul (pauljl)
Vice-Chair: Robbie O’Brie (rjobrien)

External Relations Committee [ERC]
Chair: Brittany ‘Rese’ Fox (britfox)
Vice-Chair: Mike Forester (mcfo)

Rules and Elections Committee [R&E]
Chair: Russ Garber (rudaga)
Vice-Chair: Nicole Campbell (cnicole)

Campus Governance Committee [CGC]
Chair: Matt Baum (mbaum)
Vice-Chair: Arielle Linsky (avlins)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues Commission [LGBT]
Co-Chair: Brittany Allen (blallen)
Co-Chair: Andy Betka (abetka)

North Campus Affairs Commission [NCAC]
Chair: Alex Moffet (amoffett)

Women’s Issues Commission [WIC]
Co-Chair: Lisa Bakale-Wise (lisabw)
Co-Chair: Rocio Valerio (rvalerio)

Academic Affairs Commission [AAC]
Co-Chair: Allie Dakroub (adakroub)
Co-Chair: Ryan Jaber (jabez)

Peace and Justice Comission [P&J]
Co-Chair: Ryan Bates (dasbates)
Co-Chair: Ashwini Hardikar (ashwini)

Students Rights Commission [SRC]
Co-Chair: Lyric Chen (lyricinc)
Co-Chair: Priya Mahajan (mahajanp)

Environmental Issues Commission [EIC]
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Graham (segraham)
Co-Chair: Ellen Kolasky (ekolasky)

International Student Affairs Commission [ISAC]
Co-Chair: Mohammad Dar (jehuty)
Co-Chair: Amit Sachdev (asachdev)

Health Issues Commission [HIC]
Co-Chair: Rachel Eyler (rachey)
Co-Chair: Cindy Lin (cindylin)

Campus Safety Commission [CSC]
Co-Chair: Sean Frank (seafrank)
Co-Chair: Ari Liner (mliner)

Voice Your Vote Commission [VYV]
Co-Chair: Jennifer Gonik (jengonik)
Co-Chair: Ben Rattner (brattner)

Community Service Commission [also CSC]
Co-Chair: Charles Adsie (adside)
Co-Chair: Perry Teicher (pteicher)

Campus Improvement Commission [CIC]
Co-Chair: Laura Norris (lanorris)
Co-Chair: Andre Westbrook (westbroo)